Window size of main application

Hi there,

I understand that the window size of dorico on screen depends on the opened panels. Are there any plans to get the window size more customizable/flexible?

My work includes copying pdf files of music manually to get individual arrangements for my groups in school and I do this with a horizontally divided screen for pdf and the notation program. The “minimized” window size of dorico does not really allow for this (I love the screen format 16:10 and I only could get an affordable 22" screen with that format).

I just posted some suggestions/questions in the topic “correcting instrument names”. Please look for it if possible.


Addition: Input of text is sometimes awkward, I can not choose the type of text here without scrolling further down (efficiency…):

Forgive me if this is obvious and will be vanished with 1.0.10 - one can not know what you are aware of and what not, even when we know that you are extremely experienced and professional…

Hi Wolfram.

Daniel answered in a earlier thread that it was planned (in a future update, though not the forthcoming) that we can use the first letters of a font to get to it faster, if that can answer the latter question :wink: