window size problems


Since a week or so I started having problems with the Dorico window size.

As soon as I pop up the lower panel (Ctrl-8), Dorico automatically increases it’s window size to something that is larger than my available window, and I can’t see the lower message area anymore. LIkewise, in maximised mode, I can see the lower area if the lower panel is closed, but as soon as I open it (Ctrl-8), I loose it (below the bottom of the window).

Dorico allways had minor petty problems with window size (e.g. I can never see the OK button in the Condensing Change dialogue), but this is now becoming unworkable.

I don’t know whether this is a Dorico setting thing or a Windows problem (though I don’t seem to have problems with other applications), but help would sure be appreciated!

I’m running Windows 10, and my window size is 1366x768 (recommended setting for my laptop).


I used to have similar problems with earlier versions of Dorico, before the resolution of Qt was refined. See It was a total show stopper on that machine for me. Since v.3.1 the problem has been greatly reduced.

The recommendation for my laptop is to set the scaling factor to 150%, and this helps with Dorico, though not with some other programs.


Thanks. That thread is quite technical, but I did try out some compatibility settings, without any success. I’m not terribly au-fait with what Qt is or does, and high-DPI settings, etc. But in my case, the Display Setting is set to 100% magnification (the recommended setting), so I’m not sure if it’s relevant.

Also note that I didn’t have this problem a few weeks ago (when I was already running 3.1.10), so it must have happened at a recent Windows Upgrade. Nevertheless, I’m still severely hampered by this, so any further suggestions welcome.

Ok, after 3 hours, the problem seems to have spontaneously sorted itself, in the middle of a session. I’m totally mystified.