Windows 10 1903 test with Cubase & Wavelab

I am not suggesting doing this (without hearing from Steinberg first) but I did this update to my portable recording system (Lenovo W Series portable workstation / RME Fireface UCX) that was running W10 1809.
This update is soon to be available to all in the normal Settings / Windows Update but I upgraded to W10 1903 via Upgrade Assistant where it is now available. I had already done the update to three (non-audio workstations) Surface devices with no issues other than you must eject the SD card if present before updating.
When the update was complete the first thing I did was update the E-License software from 1248 to the latest 1251. Past experience has taught me that reinstalling E-License is usually required after a major W10 update. E-License worked correctly post reinstall (update in my case).
After a brief test with Cubase 9.5 projects and Wavelab 9.5 they both “seemed to work fine” post the update.
I will not be installing this update to my main DAW until Steinberg approves / comments…if they haven’t already.
EDIT: Tried C10.2 on this machine and it seems fine with a medium sized project imported from C9.5.

installed 1903 yesterday, C10.0.20, C9.5.50 works ok, all project’s ok.