Windows 10 20H2 compatibility with Cubase 11 pro

My laptop and desktop are both running Windows 10 20H2. I notice that in the list of required specs for Cubase 11, Windows build 1909 is recommended. I haven’t noticed any problems with Cubase pro 10.5 (although I am not using much of the functionality available ) Is there a list of problems associated with using the current version of Windows both for Cubase 10.5 and 11

Good question!

Ive been running 20H2 for over week, (19042.630) no issues with 10.5, and after installing cubase 11 today can confirm no issues

tbh, I guess then you are not using it very much. There are issues with recent windows versions.

working fine here

let me translate

“my computer isn’t working properly and I don’t know why”

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

by your amateur-like answer, I strongly guess that I am much more qualified to judge whether there are issues with recent windows version and Cubase, than you.

let me translate
“for me it is working fine, so there are no issues”

you’re welcome

lucky me :slight_smile:

Agree and correct :slight_smile:

oh please do tell what these “issues” are and how they affect cubase… Ill happily test to confirm your findings
FYI Im an mcse working remote IT/MSP server support from home on a laptop/surface pro and 4 screen desktop system (all running 20H2) so windows OS/server OS etc are my specialty
and in my spare time im in cubase a LOT…

Here you go:

understand what the posts about but never seen that issue (im not running a posh graphics card, not a gamer on PC, have dedicated xbox for that!) I just use just the inbuilt “Intel HD graphics” along with some fast ram…
Looks like someone there has that issue that also runs “intel integrated”

¯_(ツ)_/¯ doesn’t affect my system, never seen that issue else i would be participating in that thread too

if steinberg say they reccomend 1909 then go for it! good for you…
Id rather stay secure thanks

No problems with the 20H2 update here and running Cubase Pro 10.5. Are Steiny still on the fence?

somebody reported the problem is resolved in v11 - meaning it wasn’t a Microsoft problem it was a Steinberg problem

Actually with a required, simple VGA I have also these GUI isses (moved frames of windows etc) which are not massive but do exist. I am using a dedicated machine for audio and it worked well before 2004 (which I dared to install on my own risk). Performance and stability was not affected afaik. But the GUI is little annoying but not affecting the work in gerneal.

Have not checked with Cubase 11 tbh

I am using Windows 10 20H2, and Cubase 11 pro, I have not experienced any issues with my setup. no crashes…

I have an older i7 4 core. And it worked fine on windows 7 but updating to windows 10 to run Cubase 11 works. But it takes heaps more computer power and my old songs will not play as the system is at its limit. So if you have a decent computer it runs ok. But be careful of you have an older one.

hi @blaster3192

I don’t believe that your experience is in the majority - it’s possible there is something misconfigured.

Why not start a new thread detailing your issues and maybe we can sort it out.

I think it’s just my motherboard is old. The composer is fine. Just not powerful enough. It’s the very first i7 from over 10 years ago… like I said it runs fine. But with new windows it loses a bit of power. Time to U update I think. And recommendations on the processor

hi Blaster3192

Windows 10 shouldn’t really take any more resources than Windows 7 but maybe it’s time for an upgrade anyway :slight_smile: