Windows 10 20H2 + Steinberg UR22 + Edifier R1280Db - No sound through monitors!

Hello people, how are you? I always had sound through my Edifier monitors using UR22 with RCA to P10 adapters into Left and Right and when using 20H2 from Windows 10 too. Now, for my surprise the interface is only sending sound through my headphones, none about monitors, they’re the same way I left them yesterday and so, I decided to reinstall the drivers putting the 2.0.3 version instead of the previously 2.0.4 version. Anyone already presenced this?

Maybe your setup is exactly like this?
Windows 10 20H2 introduced some changes in the audio mixer… you can set your output levels independent now

st10ss, I switched my config. about Edifiers, putting the RCA cables in the other options, well… now it’s ok. Thank you! Also have the 2.0.3 and will maintain since it’s 100% thanks for your help!