Windows 10 AND Cubase Working for you? Post specs here

Perhaps those who have Win 10 RTM AND Cubase WORKING could list their system specs explicitly, including:

a) motherboard make and model. *
b) memory make, model, module size and numbers. *
c) OS build.

d) audio interface make and model, including connection protocol

e) Cubase version.

f) significant plugins.

  • Important to include make and model, as particular combinations may unstable.

Knowing what works may help those with problems identify those components that may be the cause of them.

You could mention any particular minor anomalies.
Please, avoid making vague qualitative judgments on the OS. Instead, I suggest providing quantitative details of how a facility or aesthetic has created operational difficulties for you.

If you have major issues, I suggest you submit an issue ticket so that they are formally dealt with, especially so they can see any consistent patterns.

Working well here on my relatively old/outdated machine:

a) Asus P8P67 + i7 2600k

b) Samsung DDR3 PC3 12800 24GB

c) Windows 10 build 10240 x64

d) Steinberg UR22 (USB) - Win8.1 drivers
M-Audio Delta 1010 (PCI) - Win7 x64 drivers
Avid Eleven Rack (USB) - Win8.1 drivers
Fantom G (USB) - Win8.1 drivers
Steinberg CI2 (USB) - Win8.1 drivers

e) Cubase Pro 8.0.20, Cubase 7.5.40

f) FabFilter suite, iZotope suite, BFD2+3, Kontakt, FM8, Plogue, StylusRMX, Korg Legacy Collection, Brainworx suite

All these interfaces are tested and working perfectly with Cubase (even the really old Delta 1010). As far as minor anomalies go it’s the same as Windows 8.1 in that the Avid drivers are locked to 44.1khz (for Windows multimedia operations only) but that doesn’t affect Cubase.

I had issues with Reverence and VST Bass Amp not finding the IR content, and also activating the iZotope plugins, but everything was solved when I reinstalled Cubase from scratch (same issue that I had with Win8.1) and ran it in administrator mode. All my other plugins did online activation and it worked like a charm, my iZotope auths are all locally saved to disk so I don’t know if Win10 did anything to limit Cubase’s access to system drives or the registry (it was just admin mode that solved that, as it would for Win7 and 8.1).

Everything else is working very well and very solid. The install process felt the same as it did for Win8, with almost the same little issues. I’m very anxious about these dubious and cryptic “performance and timing” issues that we were warned about, but so far so good.

Working very well!

Win 10
i7 4770k
16gb RAM
Samsung SSD 256
Samsung 1TB hdd
ATI 7850HD

Steinberg UR22 USB Soundcard

The only thing not workin is my usb midi keyboard.
Its an Edirol PCR800, it wont install the Win 8.1 drivers.
Now I run the keyboard through the UR22 Midi interface.

My CPU spikes I had in Cubase with win 8.1 are now gone.
Great update! :slight_smile:

Works flawless here…

Windows 10
Cubase 8 Pro
i5 4690K
MSI z97i AC
16gb RAM
OZC ARC 100, SSD 240gb
WD Black, 1tb
Zoom UAC-2, USB 3.0 Interface

Working well for me also.
As with Andreas, I no longer have problems with the VST meter suddenly jumping into the red. It used to be a problem when opening or closing plugin GUIs or opening and closing the mixer with F3. Now, the VST meter stays calm when I do those things and the audio doesn’t stutter/glitch.
For me, Cubase works better under Win 10 than it did under win 8.1.

Only problem I had was my machine ID changed, so Waves license manager sees it as a different machine. Move your Waves plugins to the cloud before upgrading and then move them back after. I had to roll back to Win8.1 to do that.

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Cubase Pro 64 bit v8.20
Surface Pro 3 (i5, 8GB RAM, onboard intel HD5000 graphics)
Steinberg UR44 soundcard

That’s great to hear! I’m moving to Win10 next weekend when my new components arrive. I’m getting far too many issues with C8 on W8 at the moment.

Cubase Pro 8.0.20 is working fine with Windows 10 Pro here. Problem is I DO NOT like Win 10. Giving it another day or two before reverting back. it did take three reboots to get all three monitors functioning properly I am using two 560 TI cards. my son is a gamer, so I usually purchase his parts as he upgrades and he does that frequently.

but anyway for those interested:
motherboard is an Asus Maximus IV extreme Z
32 GB Corsair dominator RAM
MOTU 896 HD FireWire interface using TI plug-in adapter
Samsung 840 Pro SSD

I have really never had any significant issues in the last several years with any upgrades other than e-licenser software updates. those issues have occurred occasionally but were resolved with a little extra thinking on my part.

while it may be a mistake to revert back to Windows 7 it clearly is much less of a distraction to me in the very few things I do now with a computer. time has gotten to be too valuable for me with this system to relearn… yes I know it sounds petty, but believe me it’s not.

I can record, do our accounting, and watch porn… just the way it was :neutral_face:

Hi all, its been a while. Tried to upgrade to Win10 today. i upgraded over current Win7 platform; simply placed the DVD in and hit up the setup.exe - installation was smooth and unattended; logged in - most programmes seems to behave well. Cubase is working, simple MIDI and Audio functions are working, drivers no issues as with other audio progrmmes (Sound Forge, Premiere, VLC and Media Monkey) Tried with Kontakt 5 also no issue. Graphics wise, layout so far so good - 4 monitors.

The biggest issue at the moment is with Windows Explorer System. All my Libraries are gone. All the Network Drives are messed up. The permission settings are all gone. Previously the Read/Write permissions are also gone; only Read is allowed.

Another thing i found while using “msconfig” is that MS has put in so much new junk that i am not sure what can be disabled or uninstalled.

There is also lots of unwanted background apps running like weather and news. i have managed to hide them from the desktop but its a wonder if they are still being updated in the background.

i’ll prob give this a few days and may ultimately revert back to Win7. Having news and the weather constantly being updated on the desktop is not gonna help at all while working on a DAW. Another concern is the new voice activated app, the drivers may cause issues in the long run… however, that is just speculation on my part.

Win 10 x64
Gigabyte Z77 D3H
i7 3770
32gb RAM - Kingstons
4x Seagate HDD - 2 in RAID 0 (all GPT formatted 8192)
AMD HD6970 - 4 monitors
UR 44
Alesis Q88 - via UR 44 MIDI in

hope all is well… original specs below.

EDITED: Cubase 8.20 (will update sig)

Hi all,

I think this is the info you want:

Windows 10

AMD A8-4555m APU HD 1.60 GHz

8.00 GB RAM

64 bit operating system

VST’s and plug ins as per my sig below.

This update appears to make Cubase Pro 8 run smoother and faster.

I say appears because I have nothing to compare it to other than my memory of earlier performance!!

Anyway all good here!!

Jim B

Win 10 64-bit (upgraded on top of existing Win8.1 with option to keep all programs and settings selected).
i7 920
Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP
Cubase 8.0.2 + VST-plugins, mainly Native Instruments, Korg, Spectrasonics and U-He.

No issues here. Not sure if Cubase runs faster on Win10 compared to 8.1 but I’m pretty sure it’s not slower.

Do you get the feeling Steinberg may be just trying to buy itself some time as I’ve had few issues so far - just the Quicktime one really which I couldn’t care less about!

Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Q6600 processor
Delta 66 and 44 cards (latest available) drivers
Midisport Anniversary Edition x2
M-Track 8 (win 8 driver)

Cubase Pro 8 64bit 8.0.20

Plugins - Waves, Steinberg, SSL, N.I., GForce Software, KORG, etc.

Intel Core i7 3820 a2011 Overclocked to 4676 MHz
Asus P9X79 Socket 2011 ATX Motherboard
32GB Corsair Vengance DDR3 RAM
Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 Firewire Audio Interface

Windows 10 64 Pro (clean install)

Cubase Pro 8 64bit 8.0.20
Halion 5
Komplete 9 Ultimate

Did clean install (after initial upgrade) without creating/logging in to MS account.

Only problem I had (which took me a while to figure out) was due to my elicencer being in a USB3 port, as soon as I moved it to a USB2 port Cubase works perfectly (mouse is using USB3 port without any problems)

I went to Windows 10 about a week ago now and all seems good, though I did notice a few dropouts on one old project, which seemed to be cured when I turned off ASIO guard, which I have left disabled. I also tried the registry fix mentioned here, and I no longer have any occasional ASIO meter red light peaks (which I have always had on Windows7 too)

Computer specs are as per my sig below, latest Cubase Pro8 version, I’m using Halion 5 a lot, Izotope Nectar2 and Alloy2 often used on inserts, and usually Izotope 6 on stereo master out. UVI workstation instrument also working well. All seem stable and problem free. No midi problems found at all.

I haven’t tried video yet so cannot comment on that.

UPDATE: Have now loaded a couple of video projects (Quicktime 7.7.2 currently installed) running without any apparent problems.

been running 10 for a week (upgrade from 7) everything has been rock solid (using hdsp 9652)

Games, Money, News, and Sports are examples of apps that can easily be uninstalled (they can just as easily be re-installed later if wanted). These apps, unless you have a burning need, are not needed for anything but personal use. If apps cannot be uninstalled, like Maps, Photos, Store, and Weather, etc., you can turn off live tiles (right click on the apps, just like with Uninstall).

Other things, e.g. the Location service, unless you are using it for something, can be turned off (click on the Notifications icon in the tray on taskbar).

thank you Elektrobolt, i was looking thru the Control Panel initially but nothing was found to install them until reading your post and i finally discovered that right-clicking from within the Start Menu provided the uninstall option. ah, those stuff are Apps rather then programmes. facepalm

hmmm… look like this OS is gonna take the cake. :slight_smile: much more to learn and much more to discover.

many thanks again. cheers!!!

Gigabyte GA-77x-UD5H, i7-3770k, 16gb ram.

Working pretty well.

All is well here. From what I can tell no discernible differences between 8.1 and 10.

Specs are in the signature.

Re serious issues, may I suggest opening an official issue thread, and continuing discussions and related suggestions on that thread.

This is so this thread contains just working setups, making it easier for prospective updaters to check if their setup may have a chance of working.

Yea, mod just made a mess by closing a win10 thread in Lounge.