Windows 10 and Wave Lab 6

Is Wave Lab 6 compatible with the new Windows 10 update?

Yes it (wavelab6)works and save…open…:also ok
I try to find a solution for wavelab 5…:work by draging a file but crash when save or open .If somebody can also continue this topic.
Why to use wavlab 5 if I own wavelab 6 : on my laptop : if I don’t need to take allways the dongle could be great!
BEst regards

I hoped someone else would have the same query as me. Glad to see they have.

I run Wavelab 6 on a Windows 7 machine (WaveLab I’ve never needed anything more than some basic features on it - wave editing/cutting/batch processing etc - so haven’t upgraded to newer versions of Wavelab. Does anyone have an idea whether it’ll work if I upgrade to Windows 10 or whether I need some tips to resolving any issues? I don’t fancy buying the software again for the small amount use it gets.

I’ve been happily working in Wavelab 6 on Windows 7 but have now upgraded to Windows 10 on a new computer and find I can’t get the e-licenser to download Wavelab 6, although that’s what I keep clicking on - I keep getting downloads of software for 8.5, which I don’t know how to use. I assume I’ll have to learn eventually but for right now I just want Wavelab 6 to open. Does anyone know if there’s any way around this?

According to the 2nd post in this thread Wavelab 6 should work on Windows 10, so you should be able to get it running using the following procedure.

  1. Download and install the latest elicenser software on your new Windows 10 computer.

  2. Move your USB elicenser from your old Windows 7 computer to your new Windows 10 computer.

  3. Download and install the latest Wavelab 6 installer for your version from Steinberg Downloads onto your new Windows 10 comupter. Wavelab 6 (which is the full version), Wavelab Essential 6, and Wavelab Studio 6 installers are available under “Unsupported Products”.

Hi - thanks a lot Bob but unfortunately that still results in 8.5 appearing. I’d done what’s described in that post before asking my question - and had tried removed all e-licenser stuff before doing it all again (three times), each time clicking on Wavelab 6 - but still 8.5 appears. If anyone has managed to make their new Windows 10 computer download Wavelab 6 I’d love to hear from you.

Update - it is working! So thanks again, Bob. Ignore parts 1 and 2 in the stages listed above - they didn’t work for me, except to download Wavelab 8.5. Instead go straight to clicking the link in stage 3 and head to Unsupported Products. It doesn’t offer the possibility of opening Wavelab 6 on any version of Windows beyond 7 but if you go ahead and download it anyway, it works. Or seems to so far… The screen looks a bit fuzzy but it’s there.