Windows 10. Artist 11. Instrument tracks

I can’t hear my instrument tracks. ( halion ). MIDI thru is ticked in the preferences. I have activity in the project page for the particular tracks but no activity in the mix console at the stereo out. Tried the manual. Tried youtube. Missing something simple. Tony


Can you hear a signal from the Audio tracks?

Is there any sound preset loaded in the instrument? Can you see MIDI activity in the Instrument?

Thanks for replying Martin.
Yes I can hear my audio tracks. There is an instrument loaded and there is MIDI activity in Halion.
Thanks, Tony.


Can you reproduce it in any project? Is the Output of the slot routed to the Main Out in HALion?

Thanks Martin.
With other projects using Halion, I have no problems. Everything is routed to the main output of Halion. With this particular annoying project, routing to the main output gives me no sound, but routing to all other outputs in Halion gives me sound.
Thanks. Tony.


Is it the same, if you add new Instrument track (HALion)? Is it the same, if you try to File > Back Up Project?

I’m afraid the only way to say the project will be to create a new project and Import Tracks from (the current) project.

Hi Martin.
Tomorrow I’ll add another instrument track ( HALion ) and see if it behaves the same way. I won’t have any problems saving the project. I’ll just use the other HALion outputs opposed to the main output. The thing is, this is such a strange thing to happen. Are there things that can happen with Cubase that can’t be explained or is there a logical answer to everything. For one project to be routed to HALions main output and another to be routed to all HALions outputs and not the main. That’s crazy. Tony.

Hello Martin.
To reiterate, I have an instrument track, HALion, that doesn’t output to HALions main output. A signal will output with any of the other outputs selected. Today I added another instrument track, HALion, and moved the offending part onto that track. Everything is normal. The signal goes through the main output. So, obviously I’m not going to lose what I thought I might lose. The question remains from my last email. Can things happen that can’t be explained? If I move the problem track anywhere in the track list it carries the same fault.
Thanks for your help. Tony.

Hi Tony,

Unfortunately this happens time to time. So far I wasn’t able to reproduce it. Therefore I would like to ask you, if you could share the affected project (just the one track, you can even change the MIDI data to 1 note), I will try to investigate on the project.

Thank you

Hi Martin. Thanks.
I’m not conversant with what you are asking.
Could you please take me through it step by step?
I’ll happily do whatever you ask.


If you don’t want to share the other tracks of the project, delete them. If you don’t want to share the MIDI Part, delete the MIDI Part of the affected project and add another one, with 1 single note only.

Save the project, or File > Back Up Project.

ZIP the CPR file (project) and share it via forum, or Dropbox (or similar service) link, please.

Will have to learn about zip files and Dropbox. Never had to use them. Have made a backup of the project and it’s ready to go.
Today I learnt that the volume control in the Inspector for this particular instrument / HALion track has no effect. It’s at full volume.
Will try and get the project to you as quick as I can learn. Sorry.

Hello Martin.
Could you please tell me how to go about attaching my ZIP file to reply.


Please, read the Forum Guide.

Have now read the forum guide. Thanks for all your help.