Windows 10 Asio Issues

New to Windows, coming from a Mac and never had to deal with this before.
I cannot for the life of me, get Cubase to share audio with other applications. I can get audio in Cubase, switch to Youtube with audio, and go back into Cubase with no sound. It just shuts off until I restart Cubase.
This is driving me crazy. I’ve tried ASIO4All and I might break my computer soon.
If anyone can help that would be lovely.
Thank you,

Hey Raino,

I’ve tried this as well as the option in Windows 10 to “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” and every combination I can think of between the two. Cubase will initially pass over the audio to the next app but will never “take it back”.
The only think I can do is to have computer audio coming from my regular speakers and Cubase audio from my interface. This is fine until I want to use headphones, then it’ll just be annoying.

What specific audio interface are you using. Can you post some screen shots of how it is setup on your computer.