Windows 10 autoupgrade knocked out Cubase10

Am I the only person to be affected my this? Latest Windows 10 autoupgrade tried to install generic Microsoft driver for my UR22 audio interface. The driver install procedure started and hung whenever I started Cubase 10, with the result that Cubase also hung. Cross-fingers reinstalling the UR22 driver seems to have cured the problem.

Yes, that happens sometimes and the cure is as you have done, just reinstall the UR driver.
Do you have one of the more recent UR drivers? It did some fixes to stop cubase hanging with a driver install on startup because windows didn’t finish the job (and as usual the cure is to reinstall the UR driver).

Did this fix work for you guys? Randomly lastnight, I’m having sessions that took 3 minutes to load, now RANDOMLY taking 2 hours?? I’m running the Apllo x8