Windows 10. Can Have Sound In Dorico 4 or PC Not Both

I have read the manual , looked in this forum and studied the excellent YouTube Video with Anthony Hughs but still cannot simultaneously get sound on both Dorico 4 and other PC programs. Dorico works and the PC does not work if I allow Asio to take control of Selected Port configuration.
When I disable Allow Asio to take exclusive control the Output Ports area goes blank in the Device manager and Dorico has no sound but the PC sounds work as normal.
Here is a copy my Diagnostic.Zip file.
Dorico (475.0 KB)

I would greatly appreciate any help with this problem.

Welcome to the forum @Dubinvero .

Have you really followed every advice from Anthony’s tutorial video, especially the section from around 13 min 50 sec where it is about the default setting on the Windows side? The reason for the output ports area going blank with you is most likely the mismatch of settings that Anthony is talking about.

Ulf, thanks for your recommendation. You were correct. My Speakers were set to 48.0 KHz. When I changed the Speakers to 44.1 KHz the Output Ports Box was populated and I was able to choose the speakers.
In a nutshell, for anybody with the same problem, Uncheck “Allow ASIO to take exclusive control” and ensure that ASIO and your speakers are set to the same sample rate.
Ulf, thanks again for your expert advice.

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