Windows 10 - Compatible!

Well done Steinberg, great news. Although i think Quicktime is also compatible now.


Well that’s good news. I installed the latest Quicktime without issue yesterday. I bet there will be a lot of O/S downloads over the next few days! hopefully not too many issues…

I just installed Quicktime on Windows 10 Pro x64 successfully.

My Quicktime 7.7.8 installed in Win8 works perfect in Cubase on Windows 10. :slight_smile:
Finally I can use Windows 10. I like the look of it, and it seems fast. :slight_smile:

It’s been working fine for months. The 7.7.8 Quicktime version has been out and working on Win10 for months also.

Party time. Everything is now Win10 Compatible. I got the new UR44 driver last week and so far had no problems.

Good work Steinberg