Windows 10 copatibility

I have just updated windows 8.1 to 10 and now Cubase 5 will not save any new data. I receive a “Access is denied” message.
I am presuming that it is to do with the eLiecener. I updated it and spotted that it was not compatible with windows 10.

Is this the reason that I can not save?

And how long will we have to wait for a windows 10 driver?

I have received information (Steinberg support) that older Cubaseversiones will not be supported under Windows 10.

You’ll probably find this is your Windows user permissions to the folder that you’re trying to save to rather than Cubase.

After updating to Win 10 and then converting my Local Windows account to a Microsoft one to sign into “the store” and get some Apps, I found that I had to reassign myself read/write access to my Docs, Music & Videos folders to allow me to save anything.