Windows 10 crashes after I unplug usb midi controller

I get a BSOD crash on Windows 10 after I unplug my Novation Launchkey 49 after I close Cubase. The error I get is “page fault in a non paged area”. This happens only after I launch and close cubase with the controller on. If I don’t open cubase with the controller on and I just unplug the controller everything is fine. It’s a combination of cubase being opened and closed with the controller.

I’m not sure if this is a Windows 10 issue, Cubase issue, Novation issue. I can recreate the crash every time.

Anyone have any thoughts or solutions?

Sounds like a PC issue… Maybe this will help…,36234.html

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the reply.

I think it’s sorted now. I manually set the page size to 2048 from System Managed. Also there was a Windows 10 update as well, so not sure what fixed it, but it seems to be fine.