Windows 10 Crashes

Having just had Dorico crash with no warning and lose me a good 6-7 hours of work for the second time this week, I have a couple of questions. I realize of course that this could have been prevented by me saving as I go, but I’ve recently switched from the Mac version, in which I never saw the tiniest glimmer of instability. I suppose I’m not used to the Windows ‘way’ yet. Both crashes, by the way, were caused by doing seemingly innocuous things: the first was adding a clef change overtop of an existing one (without deleting the existing one first), and today’s was adding a double barline (I couldn’t see anything worth noting about the place I was adding it—just an area of empty measures).

is there anything I can do to make Dorico run more stably on my computer? This computer is physically less than a month old, and the OS has only been installed for around three weeks. I really don’t have much of a clue yet on the troubleshooting side of Windows, other than the seemingly all-fixing ‘try running the program as administrator’, which I’m trying now.
is this instability something to do with the recent update? I had used Dorico mostly before the chord symbols update before, so maybe it’s now equally unstable on Mac and I just haven’t experienced it.

Any advice or things I could try to stop this happening would be welcome, because as annoying as it is and as rigorously as I’ll remind myself to save as I go for the next few days, I’ll probably soon start forgetting again and be once again vulnerable.

I’m very sorry to hear that you have lost work as a result of the crash. We do strongly recommend that you save regularly to guard against this. We don’t yet have an auto save feature, but it’s likely to be something we’ll add in the future.

Regarding crashes, 95% of the crashes that we’ve found and fixed in Dorico in the past would crash on both platforms. This bug you discovered would most likely crash on a mac too, as it suggests a logic error in Dorico. The difficulty for us is that unless we have a reproducible case of how to make it crash then it’s hard for us to fix it.