Windows 10 Creators Update

Hi there

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post but Iv just had the windows 10 update screen appear on my DAW for the new creators update. Has anyone taken the plunge and updated their system? I wondered if cubase 9 is working OK with the update?

I’m tempted to leave it a while until bugs are ironed out.



Seems to work well, no problems so far (about 3 weeks since I updated) I use a UR 824 interface that also works well.

Works fine here, no issues.

Ditto… all fine. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Anyone see any noticeable advantage to the update in terms of performance etc?

No, not performance vice, nor would I expect it to. Although I have seen reports of better DPC, I haven’t tried measuring myself.
The main benefit is that a lot of the win7 leftovers are getting the Windows 10 GUI making it more consistent.
I had a little naive hope that Game Mode could be used when running Cubase, but that was a big disaster with disappearing mouse pointer and stuck windows.

I constantly keep my W10 updated to the latest. No issues with any of the updates for me.