Windows 10 doesn't detect ur22mk2 driver after 15aug update

My ur22mkII audio interface doesn’t work anymore. Tried doing everything, reinstalling and so on . Doesn’t work. Please fix!

If you’re able to roll back to a pre Aug 15th update, does it work again? Are you bale to try it on another PC with the Aug 15th update to test?

I am using a UR44 (same drivers, I think…) with updated Win10 v. 1903 build 18362.295 and having no problems.
There is almost certainly something else causing this. Try different USB ports, restart, check all components of the UR installation (Yamaha-Steinberg USB driver, Cubase extension, tools, dpsMix, etc.).

Hello. Thank you for the reply . I will try what you have adviced.
Fuzzydude, I’ve tried to backup the update , but it didn’t work. Windows just says ‘’ failed to delete the update’’.
It certainly has stopped working after the update, because i left it to update over night , before that i was listening to music. And then next morning it doesn’t work and there is a yellow triangle on my audio interface in the device manager.

I ran the w10 update to 1903 on our test comp and ran into a similar issue.Did you check

You need to make sure all of your USB devices are unplugged from your comp. Do a full uninstall, then reinstall as per the sequence in the link. This worked for me.