Windows 10 had a big update and now I get Soft=eLicense erorr message

When I updated my eLicenser Control Center I receive a message

"The Soft=eLicenser stored on this computer seems to be altered in a unrecoverable way. Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue. :astonished:

Try updating the eLicenser, running it as Administrator.

I’m having the same issue. My user account is the the administrator on my computer. I am unable to run maintenance on my e-license. This is extremely frustrating. I understand the requirement for user account verification, but the solution should work. I cannot access Cubase 10 Pro or Wavelab 9.5 which I recently purchased.

Any other solutions out there besides making sure Steinberg product licenses are compatible with Win 10?

I re-loaded the most current version of the e-license software. This has resolved my issue with corrupted e-license. It’s good to know that the answer was out there, just took a little time to find. My thanks to all that contribute to forums. I hope that one day I will know enough to be able to share in that way.