Windows-10 Home

I have Nuendo running successfully on a PC running Windows-7 Pro 64bit.

Before upgrading to Windows-10 on this PC I want to test that my software and hardware functions correctly on W10, so I am attempting to install Nuendo temporarily on a Laptop that is running Windows-10 Home version and has 4GB ram.

Steinberg Download Assistant seems to install correctly on the laptop, but when I try to run it I get two error messages:

Error Invoking Method’ and ‘Failed to launch JVM

Any idea why this would be?

Does it indicate that it will not work with Windows-10 Home ?

What about Nuendo itself - Should that work on Windows-10 Home?

Can’t really answer that, but if you have time to wait, and want to, then you can harass me via PM or bumping this thread and I can try to do a fresh install on a Win 10 Home laptop I have. Just can’t do it right now though.

Hi Mattias,

Thanks for the offer but I’ve abandoned the DA and successfully installed N5 from the original DVD and then updated to N7 from there. At least Nuendo does appear to work on Win10 Home.

Now for the next bit - will the Tango control surfaces also work on W10.