Windows 10 KB3194496 to OS Build 14393.222

I just installed this cumulative update MS released yesterday to my main HP Cubase 8.5.20 production and loaded a semi-large project with quite a few plugins, Halion 5, SSDrums, Neo Soul EP etc and all seems fine. Also, to my portable Lenovo Thinkpad Workstation. All fine.

FYI: People (some)on the Release Preview are having problems with installing this update in that it installs to 99% and then reverts back to the previous build because it is unable to complete the update. I have this issue with a consumption device (Surface 3) that I run W10 Release Preview on. MS aware and working on it so they’ve said.

I’ve installed the latest update on five NON-INSIDER machines so far and none of them have had a problem…not that you won’t!


I installed this anniversary update a few days ago, and since then, Cubase (Elements 8) doesn’t work properly anymore.
VST performances show signs of use even with nothing opened, just the software running.
If I open the project I was working on before this update (before the update, VST perf barely showing. Now 20% in idle) and press play, VST performances will stack up and overload always at the same point (at 2’50 minutes, when starting from the beginning of the track), causing audio drop-outs, massive stuttering, and audio glitches.
Other programs seem to behave quite the same way (Studio One 3 for instance shows 20% CPU usage with a simple midi file loaded, and same goes for Cubase with the exact same file).

Tried tons of things. Still no solution.
But the problem definitely comes from Windows.
Guess I’m really unlucky if everything worked fine on every system you installed this update on.

I updated to 14393.222 a couple of days back, with no problem and after a full days work C8.5 fortunately seems to be working fine for me. Also my Logitech camera software which was broken by the initial anniversary update is now working again. So all good here.

Running Windows 10 Home Edition here (I know…I should upgrade to Pro)

It broke all of my dongleware, removed all unsigned drivers, forced buggy new drivers over stable releases that I’d gone to great lengths to match up and lock down for my particular system, re-enabled a bunch of cloud services that I disabled for a purpose, changed all my LAN and firewall settings, messed up my network packet sizes, wiped out all my screen calibrations (and forced drivers on me that can’t even see all my screens), and forced Edge as the default app for almost every file-type I can think of (it’s a production machine…I had file types assigned to PRODUCTION editors, compilers, viewers…not the stupid consumerist cloud). It did all this without any advance warning, and no ‘options’ to backup or revert to my personal settings.

It’s been all week sorting out all the changes the “Anniversary Update” pushed on me without warning :frowning:

I’m gradually getting it all put back in order, but it’s been a real pain having to go back and reinstall most of my apps, drivers, and personal settings for everything from the network, to the color calibration of my video monitors :frowning:

In the past we always got fair warning about what updates might muck about with, with options to ‘delay’ the update until getting prepared to fix all the damage it might do. Not the case this time around :frowning:

Sorry to hear about all your troubles.

I believe W10 Home users can defer updates by declaring their WiFi connection is “metered”. Quick Google will show the details.