Windows 10 not picking up microphone from UR12

Though, the audio from my mic is reaching my Steinberg completely fine, the audio meter in windows doesn’t pick up any audio at all, which means I can’t talk in Discord, Overwatch, Teamspeak, etc.

Before this problem started, I was having audio dropouts occur frequently, so I went to install the latest drivers to fix the issue.
The thing is that I also had to update Windows at the same time, which might have been the cause of this problem?

Regardless, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers multiple times afterwards, following the instructions to the letter, but the problem still persists.

Me and my friend also tried troubleshooting in the windows sound settings and unchecking “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” in the audio control panel, but it didn’t help.

My mic is a Shure SM58 if it’s important to know.

I really hope I don’t have to buy a new audio interface, since the one I have is still relatively new.

Same issue here with UR824. Posted the same question 2 months ago and never got an answer…

I managed to fix the issue by rolling back to before the windows update.

I’m not entirely sure what exactly in that update messes with the audio drivers, but it seems to have fixed the problem. Discord and subsequently Windows is picking up my mic.

I will say that right-clicking the audio icon in the bottom right of windows opened a different menu than the one from before the update.

If there is no way for you to roll back to an earlier version, my only guess to a secondary solution would be to wait for there to be an update for your audio drivers and hope for the best.

Yeah, but I can’t roll back as it was a clean install (did that twice) and everything else is working as expected with Cubase and other DAWs. This is really frustrating as all other apps TS, Discord, Skype, FB chat/call are unusable as Windows detects no input at all.

Do you mean rolling back the drivers, or rolling back windows? Cause the latter was what I did to solve the issue.

Rolling back Windows. It’s a fresh install of 1803 so that option is out of the window.

Still no solution, I opened a ticket after three weeks I got a reply stating that more info is needed. I was not home for the last few days and now the ticket is marked as solved. So I had to open a follow up. This is really bad support for something that costs 700€.