Windows 10 odd behavior in File Explorer

I’m in the process of recovering from a system disk crash - installing stuff & the like.

I just happened to notice that Windows File Explorer only shows 2 items in the Desktop but if you look at my actual Desktop there are 16 items. Explorer is set to display Hidden Files, and none of the missing items (that I checked) were set to be Hidden.

Any Windows experts have an idea of what would cause this? More a mystery than a problem.

it’s because 14 of the items are in another user folder- C:\Users\Public\Desktop :wink:

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Urg, that makes sense. If I were in a better frame of mind I might have figured that out myself.

The PC went south just as I was starting to spec out its replacement. I suspect it overheard something…

And to top it off my system backup files were corrupted

prefect storm. that sucks.

Fortunately all the library disks are fine. The new PC is on order - apparently graphics chips are big slice of the chip shortage, so who knows when it’ll get here. Meanwhile I’ve only reinstalled Steinberg stuff, figure it doesn’t make sense to install a bunch of 3rd party software, only to repeat the effort 2 weeks later - however that will put a bunch of go-to items out of reach.

Maybe that soon-to-be-old machine can serve you for another decade… my old nearly 10 year old desktop with a i7-3770k still works as a backup server and a few other things.

I think it already qualifies as old. But there is a whole succession plan. The old DAW become the new office work PC, and the old office PC replaces the super old laptop who’s only job is to stream audio & video to the stereo & TV. Oddly this laptop died just a couple of days before the DAW with the exact same error - but it is beyond revival.

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