Windows 10 - please do not upgrade! Discussion

W10 Home x64 Cubase Pro x64
running smooth here.

Performance is better than W7 x64 too.
What do you mean by “timing issues” exactly? Would love to hear more details on that

Fine, then don’t.

Let’s face it, SB needs to get their stuff working on W10 as it will allow their apps to work across a wide range of devices, from phones to Surface Hubs (84" 4K 100 touch point and Kinect sensors), the latter being a good candidate for a Cubase or Nuendo console, provided SB allows touch-dead areas in their apps, so that there are places where one can rest finger/hand-edges to finely adjust controls (needed for ANY size touch device really).

SB has a real opportunity to build long-term scalability into their product lines here, as long as the Apple-first bias is dropped, especially since they are NOT unifying their OSs.

Well I think they should stop the support for windows 7. Face it. Its very very old and its a mess to support it and windows 8.1 and windows 10.
I understand why some do not want to upgrade to windows 10, but if you have tried it out you know why you want.
Its much faster then win 7 and it do support all new stuff. The problem steinberg has its just the fact the need to support old stuff and the same time use what is common today.
Also I think its time for all people that use windows 7 to upgrade. both for there is better hardware today and the software and security is better today.
I also feel that cubase 8 would be supporting what is used today and what is gonna be used alot in the near future. As a programmer I would never continue to support old stuff that make the normal stuff suffer.
So my advice is to stop supporting windows 7 and make it wrok for windows 8.1 and windows 10.
Also drop quicktime and make use of the other format that is way better. As a windows user I do not want anything on mmy computer that apple has made. It just mess up the system and lower the quality of what I can make with normal software that is available to windows.

Anybody remember XP? Cubase worked just fine there too, but then one day it didn’t anymore. Now fixing Cubase to work on win10 means it will be compromised on win7, so it is the same thing again. We will be forced to upgrade to win10 sooner or later, my guess is sooner than later. Surely Steinberg will not make two versions of Cubase, one for win10 and other for older win. I bet the next Cubase update 8.5 will drop compatibility for win7 and be win10 only.

It’s pretty obvious to me that you all need to mover over to OSX. :wink:

I read in yesterday’s newspaper that Windows 10 is a free upgrade for any Win 7 or 8 users. So I would say +1 for ditching Windows 7 support and just making it work on 8 and 10. We all have to move on at some point… and I am currently on Win 7 btw

Ha ha ha!

The rule of thumb for supporting OSs is current plus two previous versions. With OS X, that’s three years before your support drops and you have to update. With Windows, as of two days ago it was 9 years ago with Vista. Today it’s dropped to W7 - 6 years. It’s actually been one of the best reasons to choose Windows - continuity of OS releases.

However, all is not so rosy looking forward. I think the big big pitfall looking ahead to W10 is for Home users, who will have forced rolling updates - there is no way to turn them off. One day you wake up and bang - your DAW or any plugin could stop working, and there will be nothing you can do until the developer fixes the issue. And remember - these could be big updates now, there will be no Windows 11, so there could be significant changes occurring at any time.

I’d advise anyone using Windows 10 to use the Pro version and turn off the forced updates. I’m presuming it’ll still have system restore as well, should you get caught out.

You can only postpone, not turn off, automatic updates even the Windows 8 Pro.

I suppose just pulling the plug on the internet connection is totally out of the question? :slight_smile:

You can completely turn off updates in Windows 8 and 8.1.

I think soundman is right. It is everywhere on the internet too.
The functions you mention Patajali are no longer present in the new home version.

kind regards,

Automatic Windows Updates will be something that software developers will have to live with. This will only mean more hours spent for compatibility with updates, and then less hours available for developing new features. Just like Steinberg is now spending many hours just to make Cubase work on new windows, and this means less bug fixes and less new features, or delay with scheduled releases. Or maybe even higher price for the next Cubase. In any case, not good for end users.


Every new patch is something software developers have to live with NOW. Making them automatic does NOT alter that process, because they have to be prepared for anything a user might get hit with, regardless of whether users delay it or not.

I suspect that in future, the minimum requirements might be for W10Pro. At any rate, that should be what anyone considering setting up a recording facility should do, just so they can control the update schedule. Just a reality of the life one’s chosen.

That argument also applies to Cubase itself.

The ‘solution’? Never change anything. Good luck with that! How many end users will hang around with Cubase when other DAW developers are not scared of a changing world?

I seriously hope people don’t do this.

Running a compromised OS due to irrational fears about minor security updates is a completely terrible idea and can potentially cause a far greater disaster than any botched update ever could. Microsoft has the right idea with Windows 10 on these. They should be installed no matter what the user thinks.

The automatic update mess people were reading about with W10 and Nvidia was with regards to the automatic driver updates, which can be disabled on all editions anyway.

Are you talking about this workaround?
I would like to disable any automatic driver updates, I’d appreciate if you could elaborate on this.

Are you talking about this workaround? > … es-1300335
I would like to disable any automatic driver updates, I’d appreciate if you could elaborate on this.

But you can also disable driver updates in control panel/Advanced system settings/Hardware/Device installation settings.

You can choose from automatically, let me choose, never install driver updates from Microsoft.
Even on W10 Home

OOOPS ! It is downloading now…

Yeah right click on Start, select System / Advanced System Settings / Hardware / Device Installation Settings, that’s where to disable the driver updates.

I’ve been testing Windows 10 with Cubase 8.0.20 here for a while and can’t see any problems on my system, so I ended up upgrading my studio computer already despite the warnings.

Pete Brown from Microsoft has been posting to Gearslutz and commented that to his knowledge MMCSS hasn’t changed at all in 10, so it may be that the mysterious timing problems some have encountered with Cubase are something different entirely. I can’t reproduce any of that here, so it’s hard to tell.

To recap for those wondering, if you expect to be calling Steinberg support if something goes wrong: DO NOT upgrade. But if you’re used to fixing issues yourself anyway, you’ll probably be fine with Windows 10 and C8.

I am absolutely sure that you are correct Ed in telling everyone to hold back on Windows 10. For various reasons not least my Cubase 8 Pro trial period has ended I decided on the following:-

OK wasn’t going to do this but decided that sooner or later there would be no option so I might as well get it over with. The constant reminder that 10 was about to install and the need to re-schedule also meant that on a reboot it would install anyway like it or not.

This was an upgrade from 7 Ultimate 64 Bit and after just one hour Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit was installed and nearly all working. With a little tweaking in terms of driver updates in the main from 7 to 8 as many as yet do not have specific Windows 10 drivers on their sites but using the 8 appears to be the answer as it resolved any issues. Example Realtek PCle Family Controller Adapter stopped functioning so no Internet. Downloaded the driver for windows 8 from my laptop and installed on the windows 10 desktop. E Licenser (Dongle) also required an update and was very simple to do. Cubase 5 and Reaper working perfectly. NI Komplete 10 Ultimate all working perfectly.

The best news not one crash as in “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” error in Windows 7 which plagued me. So a big thumbs up and I will be back with any issues but for now all looks good.

Oh and I note you get 1 month to roll back if you are not happy but after a few hours I think Windows 10 is here to stay and it can only get better. Lastly just to underline that this does not negate in anyway Ed’s sound advice about not upgrading yet.

So far, Cubase Elements 8 seems to be running fine, at least for one-track live playing and tweaking.
I encountered no glitches in using Pianoteq, Prologue and other VSTis with a couple of insert fx added.
Haven’t tried any multi-track projects and complex stuff so far though.

Running on Intel i5-4460 with 16GB DDR3-1600 and Steinberg UR-22 (+SL-990 MIDI-keyboard)