Windows 10 - please do not upgrade! Discussion

Thanks for the info Ed.

I only hope this will be finally a good reason for you to remove and replace definitely QuickTime from Cubase/Nuendo PC version in the future. QuickTime has nothing to do on a Windows platform.

On my “normal” windows computer I still use windows 8.1. Not much problem there.
On my laptop I have used windows 10 for many months and had zero problem with it.
But I do not understand why use quicktime on windows? its a plague and no one want to use it, only apple people likes it. Its so outdated and bad compare what you have can use.

I do plan to upgrade to windows 10 as soon I can. So I hope they fix they issues there is and remove quicktime and and support for better video player.

This could get a little messy…

We may have to rely on older versions of QT running in Compatibility mode (if you can get them installed ok). I can’t find anywhere that Apple are saying they will update QT to support Win10 - it really might be a dead end.

Does Windows Media Player (in Win10) now support *.Mov file playback…? It never used to.

I see Reaper’s gone with VLC.

Where this all leaves Steinberg, well, I’m sure they have a plan… :slight_smile:

KB article giving latest information:

+1 please ditch QuickTime and use the cross-platform and open source ffmpeg instead.

A Microsoft video giving information on audio and MIDI APIs

I watched this the other day - a good and informative seminar from Pete Brown and guests (Propellerheads, Bitwig). The comments section underneath is also worth a read through - not only because, Pete Brown himself responds quite candidly to many of the points posted. Some interesting stuff.

Bottom line, the audio improvements are WASAPI/WDM based of course; this means diddly squat for ASIO users. Steinberg are the only ones in control of that protocol.

MIDI improvements on Win 10 will be interesting going forward, as Class Compliant drivers from 3rd parties, eventually get updated (i.e. Yamaha, with their UR series of hardware…)

Ditch QuickTime please. Forcing us to wait for a fix from Apple for our PC computer is not very forward thinking.

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, Cubase Pro 8 64 Bit, Steinberg CI1, Yamaha KX8 all working very well here. That’s not a guarantee that yours will work out of the box, but it’s looking good here.

So have you uninstalled QuickTime, or gone with an older version that is a security risk?

Also the .mov format is old and useless today. So there is zero reason to use QT. Look at other format, like MP4 that is a lot better then mov format, but much smaller files. Then you can use RAW files that is huge, but the quality is better.
I really do not understand the use of QT and mov. Its like using mp3 at 128Kbs and make the final production audio from it.

I’m running Quicktime I’m viewing mp4 files in a video track. I haven’t gone back to QT 7.6. I haven’t done anything special - no trick registry stuff. It just works out of the box here.

better not jumping on the boat yet.
Some yes and some no.

FWIW: what we try to do in cubase is not determinded with a next level OS, so imho…wait
the question is if it works or not, for most of us
upgrading is on the task list without questioning with the X verion, so no reason to flip

kind regards,

So glad everyones saying ditch QT. I don’t want it on my machine either.

Oh a bad sign!!
What we also learned yesterday:
Steinberg will do NOTHING for about a year and then they will discontinue Cubase & Nuendo

just like they did with the Android IC Pro app yesterday, after “trying” nearly a year they were’nt able to make it compatible with Android 5.

And honestly Steinberg Win 10 for testing all this before Release is around for about an year now!

Sorry but why should we do anything like that? With absolutely every operating system update (no matter if it’s Mac OS or Windows) we recommend our users to wait until we have been able to test with the final release build. It makes no sense to conduct large scale testings over and over again with every new build. And we are also not the only company to announce compatibility for a new OS some time after its release. For instance, we have to wait for internal Windows 10 updates as well because not all applications we use here for office purposes are fully Win 10 compatible or certified.

And comparing Cubase iC Pro for Android with Cubase and Nuendo is very… let’s put it this way… interesting. But I am happy, you learned something today! :wink:

Ed Doll, when do you expect that Cubase will be fully compatible with Win 10? Is it a matter of days, weeks, or can we expect it only with the 8.5 release at the end of this year (5 months from now)?

We don’t know yet. As soon as we have more info, we will let you know. We have identified the root of the issues but addressing them for Windows 10 might have a negative impact on Windows 7 and 8. So we need some more time to check.

Precisely! I don’t know why everyone wants to immediately upgrade to the latest version of everything. My system works perfectly at the moment -well almost. So why would I want to risk that?What is W10 offering that I can’t get at the moment? I have the start button thanks to Classic Shell. I certainly don’t want some new updates that affect Cubase on 7 & 8. Is it not time to look at updates for different operating systems. Separate downloads for 10 and the rest?

I don’t think I will be updating. I don’t trust over-installing 10 and can’t be faffed with a re-install.

So far for me, it’s working pretty well on Windows 10. I did some little testing by recording. I haven’t had any issues recording. It does lag when I try to open cubase, but it may just be the computer.