Windows 10 - Remote Desktop Connection

Hello everyone,
It would be very helpful to have remote control over the Nuendo 7 desktop WITH audio and working meters.
I have tried using both the Microsoft iOS app and the native Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection applet. While I can successfully connect and see the Nuendo 7 application and control various functions, there is no audio or working meters display on the client side. I do get audio and video when playing a music video remotely through media player or VLC.
So, audio is supported through the Microsoft side of things. Has anyone had any success with configuring Nuendo 7 to route audio through the RDP layer?
For the record, Adobe Audition CC 2015 works like a charm as shown by the attached screen shot. Audio and working meters. Remote audio even showed up as a hardware selection option to route the audio over RDP.
Michael Peters

Is Audition using an ASIO or a Windows MME/WASAPI based audio output device?

MME, Please see attached graphic. It says not working because I didn’t have an active remote session when I did the screenshot.

I imagine you are using Nuendo through ASIO drivers, yes?

If so, that’s the difference between the two in terms of RDP function. Assuming you are using ASIO with Nuendo, have you tried making one of your ASIO outputs the Default Windows Playback Device?

Thank-you for your reply, much appreciated.

Yes, Nuendo seems to be prejudiced to use only ASIO audio drivers, an inflexibility that other DAWs do not have (such as Audition).

When I have my MOTU 896 mkIII online, Windows 10 already makes it the default WPD as I can play videos and music through VLC and WMP clients. Is there something that I can set in Nuendo?

Thank-you again for your support and interest.


Since ASIO is Steinberg’s specification, wouldn’t it be nice if the company enabled RDP API functionality as an option for this particular use? Audio latency isn’t so critical here, just the functionality of basic audio and fader meters working. If Audition can do it, why not Nuendo?

Any Steinberg engineers care to weigh in on this issue?

Michael Peters

Ah yes, two months later and not one response from the folks whose business we support.
Great way to start 2016.


This might not be any help to you, but my understanding is at least with Nuendo, that the WDM driver to play out system audio is a function of the connected hardware IO’s setup .
Mine is like that :

Two months… Prepare yourself for TWO YEARS :wink:

Thanks very much Andrew for taking the time to offer some advice. Sorry not to reply sooner but it seems that the email notice of a forum update is not working either. Oh well. I will advise if there is a positive outcome to your recommendation. Best regards, M.

There’s a software that I haven’t yet installed that supposedly creates virtual “patch cables” inside your computer. If I understand how it is supposed to work correctly it should show a valid vst audio output in Nuendo, and then you could route the other side to any other valid input, hopefully then some computer W10 remote output.

Again, I haven’t used it yet but plan to both update Nuendo and install this app this week, but it’s something you could maybe look into: