Windows 10 - SL3 crashes on launch, error msg includes Fraunhofer mp3 codec

I have run the setup file and installed SL3 on to my Windows 10 system. When I try to open SL3 a popup comes up and says Cubase SL has stopped working. This happens at same point where the opening intro window says

I already have Cubase 8.5 pro installed and working properly. I am only installing SL3 to convert .all files to .cpr

I tried to install SL3 updates which I have saved from original releases. Here I get the message that there are other activated processes which disturb the installation process. Pleaase restart computer and repeat the installation. I’ve done this mulitiple time and have gotten nowhere. Can you help me?

when I look for the dmp files i just see this for the 8.5 --nothing for SL3

Those are all old crash logs, yeah…

I have a couple ideas, and maybe others else will pop in with more.

  1. Since it’s the MPEG 1 Layer 3 (mp3) dll that the message mentions, I wonder if you bought the mp3 encoder back then. If you did, try to find it and move it outside of its folder so Cubase can’t launch it. Better yet, uninstall it if it’s displayed in the Programs and Features control panel.
    Now check if SE will launch.

  2. Uninstall Cubase SE 3, and delete the User Settings folder. ( %appdata%\Steinberg )
    then install Cubase SX 3 (I suggest).
    (If you have a license for 8.5 pro, you can also run SX 3).

Removing the mp3 program did the trick!

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