Windows 10 Technical Preview

I have created a VirtualBox partition and installed Windows 10 technical preview and it looks promising.

As discussed in other threads, it has virtual desktops (will my GPU stand up) which look interesting to say the least.

An existing Windows 8.1 installation can be upgraded, which I am rather inclined to do and see how Cubase 7.0.7 performs on this platform but at this stage I wasn’t able to migrate any settings from the cloud bar my desktop background due to my not having a telephone and the Microsoft 30 anti-hacking period being in effect.

The Metro style apps can now open in Restored Windows, which means no more forced full-screen programs but at this stage the only real change is the Start Menu, which has a customizable area for apps, programs and internet content.

Once I install it on a bare metal PC, I will report back as to how well it works, specifically:

  • UAD2 functionality
  • SonicCore operation
  • Cubase 7.0.7 x64
  • Native Instruments Kontakt Player
  • Other native x64 VST plugins

I am thinking too of getting Cubase 8 for the Circle of Fifths tool but because Cubase 7 has chord editing; I can manually compose so at this stage it will be to analyze the efficiency of the audio engine notwithstanding ASIO Guard technology, see: Asio Guard 2 - does anyone know what sample buffer is used? - #2 by orchetect - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

If anyone else is testing the latest iteration of Windows, feel free to report in this thread.

I look forward to your conclusions… :slight_smile: