Windows 10 update 1903 - Elicenser and Soundcard

Hi there,

Windows 10 update 1903 cause the Elicenser not to work (did not find all USB dongles), solved by reinstalling the Elicenser.
Also my soundcard was resest, so there was no sound (Soundblaster ZXR). (Switched back to Speakers, i have headphones).
Everything is solved.
Just to let you know…

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I lost Elicenser (Maintenance sorted it), audio card driver (re-installed), my screens switched left to right and I started getting nasty real time latency glitches. Latency monitor pointed towards NToskrnl.exe and others.

Also I started to have a problem with screen flashes especially around YoTube which was regularly white screened out until the page was re-loaded. Hesitation all of over the system, but fortunately no major sessions while this was happening. I have rolled the update back and everything is β€œnormal” until next time.

Same here, had to do the maintenance of the eLicenser and reinstall the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver (Steinberg UR242)
Everything ok now