windows 10 update April 2018


I have a problem, my pc was updated with Windows update April 2018…
And during the starting of cubase there is a message “No valid licence found …”
We have a legal software and it was running well until this aktualization of Windows…
When I start e-licenser and pres Maintenence the problem is still there…

What to do? I need to work with…

Please follow these instructions:

I’ve already done it, but the problem still persists…

As there are two options on the link, why not say which of them you did for starters?


So you’re definitely running elicenser as admin?

What happens exactly when you do that and run maintenance? Does elicenser show your license or not?

What Cubase version? What type of license (usb or soft)?

If usb have you tried moving to another slot or replugging to the same slot?

OK… I found out, that Cubase start only if I ‘Run as administrator’ , with a normal double click it will not start… :slight_smile:

But, as Grim asked, does the eLicenser show your license when you run it as Admin?

The same happened to me but all went fine after trying the second of the advices given in the link. I hope that MS will soon end this update frantic.

After Win10 Spring Update, Cubase 9.5 is broken for me, too. Here’s my issue.
After update, when launching 9.5.21 (with newest eLicenser and UR44 drivers) the splash screen show “initiating URR44 drivers” a window dialog shows “installing driver…” At this point Cubase hangs. The “cancel” button hangs as well. Task manager is needed to close the dialog.
So I uninstalled the UR44 Drivers and the interface was removed. I hooked-up a Scarlett 1 gen, installed newest drivers, etc. Same thing at start-up only this time “initiating Audio Device” and hang!
So, I rolled back Win10. Everything works as expected.

I submitted a service ticket to Steiny.

Had you just reinstalled the latest UR drivers after uninstalling them you would have been fine. Just googling the error message is always worth a shot for these things…would have led you to this:

Kindly keep the Windows 1803 April update questions in the thread dedicated to it, to avoid answering the same questions multiple times.