Windows 10 Updates/TOOLS for UR: 'Preparing to install' issue

Dear customers,

We have created a Help Center article on the issue that has been reported a couple of times now and that prevents the TOOLS for UR from working properly after the update to the latest Windows 10 release.

Have a look at the Help Center article for details and the workaround:

The ‘Preparing to Install’ issue also shows up for MuseScore and the latest version of the driver (1.9.11) solves the issue … providing you first install the Fall Creators update and only then (re-)install the driver.

I am also seeing the same issue after latest Win 10 update and cannot get to start Cubase Elements 9 with UR242 audio interface. Following these instructions solved my problem, thanks.

Thanks so much for this. I Just ran in to the “Preparing to install” problem. I followed the instructions for the workaround (in the link provided) and the problem is completely resolved.

THis issue is back with the latest windows 10 update (1803). There must be a way to avoid this. This is a misuse of my time.

This exact same issue is now back with the april update. Cubase wont start. Please advise.

Btw, the e-licenser app also stopped working after the update, but the may 7th release seems to adress that.

This trick appears to be working again:

Does anyone have the same problems with another brands of Audio interfaces or are the Steinberg drivers really that bad (in addition to the unacceptable high latency compared to RME ) ?

This issue can be resolved using the link posted above (

Since the topic has begun to be a magnet for off topic posts I’ll lock it, but if you need to discuss, there is a dedicated thread: