Windows 10 Upgrade vs. Clean Install


I am looking to move from w8.1 to w10 (what happened to w9). However, I am looking to avoid doing a fresh install of w10 because I really don’t want to deal with the aggravation of looking into my storage for all of my software to reinstall everything.

Was anyone able to just update to w10 without issue? Or is this wishful thinking on my part?

Anyone know?

I upgraded my laptop from 8.1 to 10.

Not happy. Buggy and sluggish. I would go for a clean install or stay on 8.1. For DAW use, I would just stay put, personally.

Thanks for your reply. It allowed me to be cautious in my approach. I attempted the upgrade on my laptop to see how it would react…nothing short of garbage! I will not be touching my desktop.

I appreciate your insight.

Glad it helped. I started building my own PCs in 1995. Seems like clean install is always a better idea, no matter what MS or other people tell you.

Hm … in the first step, I try to update from W7 to Win10. If it had gone wrong, next step -> a clean install.
But all run fine with W7 to W10 update. Only little problems with few PlugIns, but reinstall or change the user rights solve it.
Ok, if I would be a “pro” and earn money with a DAW, I would buy or build a new PC with a clean Win10 install (run still Win7 DAW as main DAW) and if it run fine, then switch to this new PC …