Windows 10 with fast track and cubase 5

Hi there
I’ve just purchased cubase five and loaded on to a PC with Windows 10, I’m trying to use it with a fast track interface
Cubase is functioning properly however I cannot get it to see my ASIO drivers and recognise the Fast track device

I’m new to cubase, please keep it as simple as you can :woozy_face:

Can anyone help?

Hi @billmckillop,

welcome to the forum! While I suppose your Windows 10 installation is 64-bit (?):
which exact M-Audio Fast Track model are you using?
The first USB one, or the Pro, or the Ultimate?

Sad thing is that all these interfaces are a little bit older, and even within M-Audio’s legacy drivers section they don’t seem to offer any last published driver for download.

(M-Audio - Support Knowledge Base - Drivers, Firmware, & Software Updates Search)

Even if Windows can usually handle many older interfaces (and even a missing ASIO driver from the original package), and although basic audio may still work well via the legacy WDM audio driver that comes with Windows, a specific ASIO driver by the interface’s manufacturer needs to be installed (mandatory 64-bit). Otherwise you won’t be able to see anything ASIO inside Cubase.
(you may already be well aware of all this)

If (until now) you did use only the Plug & Play legacy driver, you could instead try Steinberg’s Generic Low Latency ASIO driver as a (temporary) replacement within Cubase, just to see if you can connect its inputs and outputs to Windows’ WDM drivers. It has a small config / routing page which is pretty much self explanatory:

(in my example, the interface localization is in German)

Sorry for not being able to be more specific, or for speculating a bit, unless you give me a little more detailed information.

There is, however a bit of a “risky” way: you can try to catch the last available driver for your interface here (when I did the test download, Windows Defender didn’t complain, but please be careful, as there are quite a few “not so serious” (fake) driver support pages out there).

At least this site names the probably last published driver package for the Fast Track USB (2013):

[edit ] That driver seems legit. I did a test install, allowed the driver’s installation upon request by Windows and started Cubase Elements 11 (so I wouldn’t mess up anything in my Cubase Pro installation). It seems to be usable, but of course I don’t have your interface, and I uninstalled it. So, this might work for you (unless you have the Fast Track Pro / Ultimate, then another driver package would’ve to be discovered, the rest would be the same procedure) [edit ]

(1) (all Screenshots in Windows 10 x64, German)
(2) “Programs and Features”

(3) Install path - “Program Files” → “M-Audio” → “Fast Track” → MAudioFastTrack_Asio64.dll

Best Wishes,

Thanks Markus

The fast track is 12 yrs old, usb connection :thinking:

Thanks for your help



Hi @billmckillop,

no problem. Thanks for the info. To install / re-install the interface’s driver, one must be absolutely sure about the hardware model.

If you find the time, please drop me a line if things worked out or not.