Windows 10

Finally took the plunge and moved from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (64 bit Pro). I clean installed Windows 10 Pro (using media creator to make a v10586 USB) and at the same time changed to a bigger SSD for operating system. Entering my windows 7 key while installing worked to activate windows 10.*(see note at foot of post)
I also had the latest (Win10 or Win 8 drivers to install after the upgrade).

The install was straightforward and Cubase 8 installed straight off.
There were no available M-Audio drivers shown for Windows 10 or 8.1 but the set for Windows 8 installed and work fine.
Quicktime downloaded and installed without issue and video is working.

I had only two issue after the move, one was my fault in forgetting about a VST instrument:

  1. After installation, my previously good audio system was glitching at low buffer sizes. A quick look with LatencyMon showed the problem to be the LAN driver (NDIS.sys) and I replaced the Windows 10 LAN driver from the ASUS motherboard site with the latest from Intel. That cured the issue instantly.
  2. While opening various old projects, I came across some using Halion Symphonic Orchestra in the rack. I downloaded the 64-bit version of HSO from the Cubase website and the soundset from the original disks that came with Cubase 5 and all is now working again - although for some reason I did have to change then change back just one of the sounds in the rack to get any audio output from HSO.

    I hope this helps anyone else who is contemplating the switch.


  • Note - for some reason, Microsoft has pulled version 10586 from Media Creator and gone back to an earlier version. That earlier version will not allow a Win7 key to be entered on install to activate Win 10, although there are workarounds to upgrade via clean install on the Windows forums.

I think you install a clean Windows 10, you need try to use Driver Doctor to help you install the driver again in case of some incompatible driver problem. Because Windows automatically update the drivers for hardware cannot update all the drivers and some is not the latest version of drivers. And you can try to view this article to see three ways to solve this problem: