Windows 11 23H2 experiences?

I have blocked this for 4 weeks, (running C12.07 albeit the machine not in service yet) anyone else have anything to report, good or bad ? I caught wind of a few teething issues when a plug in developer stated their software is now working with said Win 11 update.

Interested to hear any experiences just for information value. Thanks.

I am always in 2 minds whether to stop Win 11 updates or not. I did very well with blocking W10 updates until very recently when a few plug ins failed to install correctly, no doubt reliant on some specific W10 code. (after 5 years of blocking I had/have a super stable system for a very long time with no problems C9.0.2) I am thinking of taking all W11 updates but now wonder if at some stage I will block.

A really difficult call to make.

No discernible difference here - Win 11, Cubase Pro 13.0.2

All working fine

Windows 11 latest is working fantastic as a OS for me. computer in name id

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solid on 23h2 here

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Same here, everything’s working great. As a matter of fact, things got noticeably better over the last, say, year or so with Windows Updates, as they keep refining Thread Director (and related technologies) to better take advantage of the latest generation of [Intel] processors with both power and efficiency cores.

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Solid on here too

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Appreciate responses, and ones I was preferring ! Glad your systems are all working nicely.