Windows 11, and steinberg power

Is there any problem with using the steinberg power configuration in windows 11? I am having PC startup problems, and am troubleshooting.

I haven’t seen one. I use the ultimate power plan (with a few modifications) all the time as when you use the Cubase power plan when you exit Cubase it goes back to balanced which I don’t want. I have tried the Cubase plan though and it works ok. I haven’t taken the latest windows update yet as I haven’t seen enough positive posts about it yet,

Mine was going back to Balanced too, which I didn’t want.

But I found that by opening the old control panel/power and choosing Performance mode while Cubase was not running, when I later started Cubase it went to Steinberg Power and did return to Performance mode after I closed Cubase.

I think I might of had to go round this loop a couple of times before it stuck.

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Where can one find this Steinberg Power Plan? Or the Cubase Power Plan? I see neither in my Windows 11.

The Cubase power plan is set within Cubase under the studio menu. It only appears in the power plans when Cubase is running.

The ultimate power plan has to be enabled to appear. Do a google search on how to enable to ultimate plan.

@mkok I am running Cubase 12.0.52 in Windows 11. I see no power plan under the Studio menu. Can you elaborate?

Check it out. Click image for full entry

Yes sorry I wasn’t near my PC to show you exactly where.

Do I need to activate it?

Yes activate it. Even more so if you are using a laptop on mains power.

I have the opposite problem - I want it to go back to balanced when I close Cubase, but it stays on, using a lot of power.
How do I get it to change back to balanced ?

Choose the balanced power in power settings on the laptop. Have the steinberg power plan ticked. This should revert when closing Cubase. I did for me when I used to use it. I now use the windows ultimate power plan and a few extra tweaks and turn off the steinberg one but I’m on a desktop.