Windows 11 announced -- Does Cubase work on it?

The only one coming across as childish in this thread is you.

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Yes IT IS! If it wasn’t there would be a compatibility mode to run the apps, and there isn’t!
And it does run as intended for the most part, just because it has a couple of problems doesn’t mean it’s incompatible it means it needs fixing!
You would be correct to say “It’s not supported” but still the problem would be that there is no reasonable excuse for it not to be supported, the OS is coming anyways, if Steinberg wasn’t so focused on developing a DRM system for Cubase and instead work on these issues, it would be great. Besides, the OS is coming anyways, and you will get it if you run a Windows machine, you’re missing the point that the sooner they address it, the better is going to be for everyone!

Really, how come? Not that I would bother with your answer to be honest, you fail to realise the issue and just choose to side with someone because…? Anyways, the point is clear it is childish to take it out of context, if you don’t agree, keep it to yourself, I don’t want to know. Spare me the time and lecture, cheers.

You do seem to be sure that others want to know about your puerile, hysterical bursts…

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That was an example to prove a point, your argument doesn’t directly opposes my argument but it demeans it, which is frankly, pointless.

Besides, you expect for consumers to make the research instead of assuming or the company informing with their marketing material about the systems in which something works? Have you trailers for games? They do state in which systems it can run, you know? Like it should!

Please – keep your posts factual. Here is a link to that information on the Steinberg Website.

Steve, I appreciate the reply, but this isn’t a release like Windows 7, 8, or 10.
The market behavior is completely different! Everyone is rushing for Win11, Microsoft is also pushing it due to new security features that are integrated.
This isn’t the M1 release where only a curated list got access to early samples. This is available to the public and people are jumping in at an ever-increasing rate, the reasons are all over the spectrum.
Steinberg took over a month to announce how things are going with certifications related to Catalina.
We, as consumers, need Steinberg to be more proactive in that regard and ensure things are ready from day one, not to wait a whole month, that is a terrible outlook. Also, note that I do understand that certifications for Apple OS are not the same as MS OS, the latter doesn’t exist, I mean it from an operational standpoint.

What I mean is that this needs to be addressed in the Marketing material, in the Cubase 11 Pro Page (MAIN PAGE), or whatever other products, it needs to be stated which OS and versions.
Besides, this page is straight out behind schedule.
It states:

Win10 20H2
Buddy, we’re on 21H1, keep the support up to date.
And before someone makes the argument of “Oh, you’re not supposed to update unless we say it’s compatible in this page” That’s a load of bollocks mate, we have to update and stay protected from Ransomware and vulnerability issues that are addressed in these same updates!
This professional application of which we pay a very high price for and updates to come needs to stay compatible with the latest updates at all times unless Steinberg wants to be held accountable for any Ransomware, which I don’t think is what they want.

I wasn’t arguing. I get the feeling that anyone’s thoughts which differ from yours are pointless in your mind.


Great! So does Cubase.

Anyone doing serious work shouldn’t have their DAW connected to the internet. Period. In fact that is a contractual regulation when working for most big record labels and film/tv production companies.

Just a note on how professionals deal with new software.

Lets say Oracle release a new version of their database software. All companies will not use it.

Then Oracle will make a deal with a couple of their clients and give them better rates if they agree to upgrade. They will discuss a rollback strategy and they will put together a support team who will work exclusively with their clients during the upgrade process.
They will take a couple of months implementing the changes and releasing patches and fixes and then further monitoring the situation. But during that process, if things are going well enough, Oracle will start to talk to other clients and give them a deal to upgrade. The same will happen with these clients until Oracle have enough company logos to put round a presentation. When they get that they start approaching other companies and saying “hey look all of these companies who are now on the latest version, look at all these logos, these companies all use it now. We have this software very well integrated in real world clients so please feel more secure about upgrading”.
Then, bit by bit, other companies will start upgrading and discussing their own rollback strategy if the new version will not work with their other software. Maybe over the course of the next 2 years a lot more companies move to the new version. But some cannot because of compatibility issues with some of their other software.

Professionals do not upgrade to the latest version just because it exists, they do not get excited about new software. They think of it as something they will have to do eventually but they would rather everyone else tries it first and has all the pain of it not working until fixes are released.

Any company who has client reliant software should not be installing the latest version of anything and should be watching closely to see what happens with that release over the course of the next few months.

Also the Cubase developers will be working on a Windows 11 release once they are sure that they will not be working on fixes in Cubase caused by Windows 11 that Microsoft then see as an issue in Windows 11. Because it will waste a lot of time fixing something in Cubase that Microsoft subsequently change in Windows 11. So there needs to be a very solid version of Windows 11 out there first. That is not to say they will not already be taking an interest and sorting out a team and a project plan for this.

This is just my opinion as I am also a software implementer for another company so I see this all the time. The Cuabase developers are just doing what everyone else will be doing right now.


Excellent post. DAW users should set their expectations based on this information.


BOOM - Mic drop

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The fact that Windows 11 exists in October, doesn’t mean we all have to upgrade right away. The update will start automatically in the future, but that will be around Q2 of 2022, as far as I’ve read so far.

The software is not officially out, which means Steinberg does not have to address it yet. I wish they would, but I don’t hold it against them, that it is not their priority. But they should do something, before Q2 of 2022 and I’m sure they will.

Having said that, I believe if your Cubase runs well on Windows 10, it will not have any problems on Windows 11. If your computer can run Windows 11, it should be enough for Cubase as well. Maybe not the older versions per see, but definitely the latest Cubase 11(.5 soon).

If you want to upgrade (like I most certainly will in October, since ICT is my main job), it’s all your own responsibility. You really don’t have to. Support for Windows 10 is still there for years to come (if you have updated to the latest Windows 10, that is).

So I don’t like the tone some people here use to ‘force’ Steinberg into doing stuff, they really don’t have to yet. It’s not the time yet, but I’m positive they will when it’s necessary. Until then, it’s your own decision and risk to upgrade or not.

But if there is a feature request for the forum for a non-supported platform discussions category and enough peoooooooooooo … no! no?

any known benefits with Win 11 over Win 10 for DAW and music production in general ?

Not for daw specific, but my windows 11 is much snappier, the search is greatly improved, and I have had zero issues with windows 11 and cubase. I also play games with no issue. I like win 11 much more than 10

Nuendo 11 is running.
But there is a message that the elicenser has no rights. Also the elicenser cannot be started due to strange services that are supposed to be running in the background.

The Cubase 11.5, Windows 11, and eliminating the need for a dongle combination could prove to be much more than anyone’s brain can comprehend. I’ve been hoarding popcorn for the past few months. One needs to prepare himself for these complicated times! :laughing:



I have upgraded to Windows 11:

Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎24/‎09/‎2021
OS build 22000.194
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.194.0

I can confirm that Cubase Elements 11 (11.040) is working perfectly. I had to run a repair on the e-licenser to re-register Cubase with the “new” PC.

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