Windows 11 announced -- Does Cubase work on it?

Best os I have ever used by far.

For an actual thread with real info discussing this, along with an MS developer see this Gearspace topic: Windows 11 and Pro Audio -


We have released a first statement on the compatibility here.


For what it’s worth, I am an early adopter and have been running Windows 11 preview editions on my Nuendo system with ZERO problems. Honestly it runs like a dream.
Config: Dell Precision Workstation. 32 GB ram. SSD/NVME Drives. Radeon Pro Graphics. Motu AVB interfaces with Thunderbolt connectivity to computer.

Now - as the post says, please don’t upgrade your system to Win 11 until it is officially recommended, but unofficially; It’s great.


installed Windows 11 pro couldn’t because other priorities made me. Well, Cubase 11 pro is Running but the e-license keeps prompting errors

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Hey there, can you tell me how you managed this? I haven’t been able to get the elicenser to work

Feel better after your tirade?
My comment was directed to MrSatrini.

It starts up and prompt me errors.
Cubase 11 pro starts up en runs
That’s what it does