Windows 11 - is it worth the upgrade for music production?

What are your thoughts/experiences please?

Works fine.
Costs nothing
Is up to date

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Windows 11 is Windows 10 with a new GUI. You’ll have the same performance one both.

Damned if I’m going to buy a new computer because Microsoft in all its wisdom says I need one to upgrade from Win10, even though I have a perfectly capable 17-7700 and 32 Gb of ram.

I have a backup computer which doesn’t meet any of the requirements but it’s still easy to install win11. Updates are currently working fine on it as well.

No thanks Steve, Win 10 is bad enough.
Win 10 will be my last MS OS, getting way too intrusive for me, most of the time I’m running Linux, even Reaper works on it ( hint Steinberg )


Interesting. I walked away when i got to the bottom of the article and saw this:

Just know that [Microsoft reserves the right to withhold security updates if you go this route]

Yes, I saw that too, not exactly encouraging is it :slight_smile:

I installed it and removed it on my main pc the next day (you only have 7 days before you are locked in and can’t go back). I am already running it on my second pc using the method that Steve posted.

I didn’t like the amount of Big Brother and nagging for me to stay on Windows 11! I can’t put my finger on it but I just don’t like Windows 11. I am stuck on my second pc as I can’t be bothered to reinstall everything!

I found it slowed down my pc (this could be because my AMD R7 200 series graphics card is not supported) Have rolled back to 10 for the time being. . Is it me?

It could slow down on your PC. The principle difference (not withstanding look and feel) is how Windows 11 handles security. Specifically it uses a bunch of security features only found on newer hardware. The Trusted Platform Module and its in-CPU/firmware counterpart is the one that is a “requirement” (can be bypassed yes). The less known ones are to do with CPU support for various virtualisation and other features - these are optional but if they are enabled on a older cpu (pre 8th Gen from memory for the intel cpus) then they will reduce performance by up to 3-4% (or about 1 frame per second in a game benchmark).

Not all of the additional security features need to be enabled, they are optional - in the same sense that leaving your car unlocked with the keys in it is an option. :slight_smile:

My suggestion to anyone with an older PC what doesn’t have a TPM (or equivalent) just run Windows 10 - it is still supported with security updates and is as good as an older PC will get security wise. No bother with Win 11 then.

For a newer PC, Win 11 is fine if you want to update. Even the baseline security features will provide better protection for malware and ransomware attacks. You have the TPM and other features, might as well use it. Lock the car and take your keys with you. Depending on how recent your processor is you might see a performance difference (I don’t on my 9th Gen and I performance optimise data analysis software for a living - yes, the benchmark shows a minor decrease, but it is negligible. Newer gens are in the noise).

As for all the concerns about privacy etc - got to privacy settings, turn them off. If you are still concerned then you should probably not be using the internet anyway as they can still find you. :smiley:

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Yes Linux ftw. I work as a Linux admin and it suprpasses Windows in EVERY possible way. Unless one prefers to be treated as a sheep. Cinnamon Desktop is probably the best to choose for those new to Linux.

Anyone seen the film Brazil, penned by Terry Gilliam?

Please Steinberg support Linux.
Please, please Steinberg support Linux, free us. Please


My favorite film ever. I see ductwork everywhere.

But how does that relate?

Over reliance on poorly maintained and rather whimsical machines/Operating systems.
And satire of technocracy, bureaucracy, hyper-surveillance and corporatism :smiley:


Ha! indeed.

I think Steinberg is is tough position, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if many of the devs dreamt about writing for Linux rather than Apple and MS. But how could they possibly scale their effort to add that platform?

Anyway, to get back on topic, I have not seen any advantage or disadvantage to running Cubendo on Win 11.

I don’t know about every way, but Linux desktop has certainly come a very long way. Driver support can be non-existent for some common pieces of hardware. Multi-display support also leaves a lot to be desired.

PipeWire is a beautiful thing. Finally makes Linux usable for audio, IMO.

Linux is in the same boat.

@digitallysane @HammyHavoc

I agree in many ways, I use Linux in a business environment and on a Rasberry Pi as my mail server DNS proxy, webdev tool at home. I am not experienced in using it for music production, so hardly qualified there. I am amateur music prod wise and only have Steinberg and Novation kit connected to my Windows PC.

I am also new to these forums and fully enjoying being educated.
One thing experience has taught me though is, if it aint broke don’t fix it. Folks my want to consider that before going Win 11.

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if cubase (and plugins) worked on linux, i would totally switch. microsoft is the ****ing devil…

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