Windows 11 latency

Here’s the usual Latency Mon reading for Windows 11 o, Windows 10 1903 or after.
Is there anything can be done so i can run Cubase or, do i have to buy a new machine ?
Am i the only one with problems like this ? Strange as its the same on both of my machines. That’s why i’ve not put the spec’ of the machines on here.

I’m on win 11 latest version and not seeing a problem

Which motherboard do you have ? maybe i should get a new machine.
Its odd that Windows 10 Version 1809 is running along fine.
The advice to go backwards because ofdpc latency was one of the Windows forums

ASUS Rog strix z390 egaming with i9 9900 32gig ram

Where do you see a problem in the screenshot? It even states “your system appears to be suitable for realtime…”
Looks fine to me. Do you habe noticeable audio drop outs?
You should buy a new computer if you run out of CPU in your projects, imho…

Thanks for the replies. Think ill try an Asus ROG next time.

This is from Windows 10 1809

What is the actual problem? Do you get poor performance, audio drop-outs, what?

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Microsoft made a kernel change in Win 10 1903 which elevated the latency numbers, which in some cases caused problems on some DAW machines (There’s a long thread on Gearspace about it). They improved it an update or two later but the latency numbers have never come back down to pre 1903 levels.
Latencies on my machines can reach the 300 to 400 us range but it has no effect on DAW performance.
I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’re getting actual dropouts.

Are you having issues playing audio in cubase? LatencyMon is generally only helpful if you’re trying to root-cause a problem that can’t be fixed by adjusting options in your interface’s control panel or Cubase’s Studio Setup > Audio System dialog. These numbers in a vacuum don’t really say anything about your computer’s DAW performance.

If you are encountering audio glitches in Cubase, it would help to know the audio interface model and your current sample rate/bit depth/buffer size/asio guard settings, as well as what you’ve already tried.

The problems are everything related to high latency.
Drop outs, stuttering Cubase crashing. Noise and the audio montior hitting the red.
On the interface diagnostics you can see the high latency
I have a Gigabyte GA97X Gaming 5 board
16gb DDR4 ram
Intel i7 4th generation
Native Instruments KA6 Audio Interface
As i said going back to Windows 10 1809 has solved all the problems and the
latency is now 5ms in and 7 ms out
I’ll just stick to this for now and buy a new machine in the fututre.
Were in a difficult time for buying pc stuff at the minute because of TPM 2 and people ditching all their machins because they cant run Windows 11
KT66 which machine do you have ?