Windows 11 PC Install?

Is there a way to get Cubasis running on Windows 11 PC?

And what of Cubase Pro’s compatibility with the Cubasis project format?

Interesting question, why would you want to run Cubasis on a Windows PC? What could be a reason to do something like that, if you can use the Windows release of Cubase natively.

Starting with W11 22H2 it can install the WSA (Windows subsystem for Android) and it is capable of running Android apps directly in a Windows 11 PC. However, this is a brand new system and there is not much experience with it in the field, so it probably has all kinds of issue that make if unstable and unreliable depending on the apps.

On top of this you can only install apps from the Amazon Appstore, because that is what is used in WSA, so you need an Amazon account. I don’t know if Cubasis for Android is even available in that appstore.

In case you are talking about iOS, that is not possible.

Blue stacks

To run android apps on pc

Blue stacks is based on ancient versions of Android. The latest it supports is Android 9, current release of Android is 12. Blue Stacks is optimized for games and there is no guarantee that a complex product like Cubasis will survive in such an environment.
For advanced features you need to pay.

The main question still remains, what is the reason to run Cubasis on a Windows system.

Prob because its cheaper than the pc version (?)

And has tons of missing features

“The main question still remains, what is the reason to run Cubasis on a Windows system.”
Cubase PC can’t chase MIDI clock and doesn’t have Ableton link either.

Good luck…

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Cubasis for iOS is distributed through the Apple App Store, Cubasis for Android/Chrome OS is distributed through the Google Play Store.

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Thats not the OP’s question lars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Cubasis supports iOS and Android only.


Cubase for PC is not optimized for touchscreen. i also like to run Cubasis on my XPS 17 Touchscreen ;o) does anyone got it working?