Windows 11 screen resolution inquiry with CB 12 PRO

Can you please share your minimum screen resolution you are using with cubase 12 professional?
it appears that the very high screen resolutions around 3800 could be causing the lock up problems with the top banner during a live recording.

I will give you my exact screen resolution a little bit later today after conducting this experiment using Windows 11

tia and looking forward to your answers

Alan Russell

It may be more to do with scaling than resolution. I have hd monitors and 4k all running fine but I don’t use scaling. Win 11 Cubase 12 pro


here are the three possibilities of course the higher resolution I would rather use and also I went to the preferences to change something with the HTPI setting in the general setting let me know what you think and which one you would use. my monitor is a Dell 32 inch curved. I want to continue to run a few experiments to see if the lock up on the top banner doesn’t freeze up. also should the top banner where is his file edit project be able to move around or should it be locked into place. hang in there with me and I really appreciate your help Alan Russell

I am NOT using the scaling and using the “system setting” instead on the general HiDPI screen and it seems to be working. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed so far no screen lock ups
I am also set at the highest resolution of my 32 inch dell curved monitor. 3840x2160

Alan Russell


1st cubase 12 pro lock up screen. going to move the resolution down one notch and take it from there.

How to Take Screenshots on Windows 11 | Windows Learning Center (

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What is the native resolution of the screen? It’s always best to use the native resolution without scaling. That way you shouldn’t see issues

I’m using regular 1920 X 1080.


how should I turn off the scaling in windows 11 can you send me a picture or do I have to do something further with cubase 12 pro

btw. The lower resolution did cause a screen lock up



Scaling is a windows setting. On anything with a greater resolution than HD it usually defaults to higher than 100%. This is when people start seeing problems. Try setting back to 100%. I always use this setting. At least if it’s ok at 100% then you know where the problem lies
Change display scale with custom size on Windows 11

  • Open Settings on Windows 11.
  • Click on System.
  • Under the “Scale & layout” section, click the Scale setting.
  • Use the “Custom scaling” setting and specify the custom scaling size between 100% and 500% on Windows 11.
  • Click the Check button.
  • Click the Sign out now button.

I will decrease it from 125 to 100 and thanks

OK I decreased the scaling to 100 in Windows 11 which is the bottom number and kept my resolution at 3840 x 2160

for those who want clarification of the “top banner” it is the white line on the very top of your cubase 12 screen that has file, edit, project, audio, etc. etc.

I just got a Cubase 12 Pro frozen banner screen while recording - nothing can be clicked to be activated yet I could open up any other icon other or even look at a folder on any of the drives.

so therefore the computer is not locked up it is the Cubase 12 professional program v.70

Any ideas?

Alan Russell

This is commonly know as the Menu Bar.

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OK now that we have all the clarifications settled let’s get some ideas to see why this is happening to my set up and I thank you in advance

Alan Russell

It’s always easier when we speak the same language. :wink:

As to your issue, Cubase freezes and you can’t do anything in the application and you have to force it to close using the Task Manager, is that about right? If so, you should post a freeze dump which I’m sure Martin Jirsak will look at for you.

What made you think it was related to screen resolution?

that is correct - to CUBASE freezes and you can’t do anything in the application and you have to force it to end task-reboot computer

Martin has already submitted DMP files

For this particular issue in question? If so, that’s probably all you can do at this point I’m afraid.
I would contact Steinberg Support directly with this issue if you haven’t already.

yes he has the latest DMP file I’m sure he’s following the thread.
thanks for following my postings eventually I’ll get it solved

This could be causing the problem being the correct Yamaha USB Driver (Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.1.5 for Windows 11/10 (64-bit) I have now put it in place of 3.1.4 which was for ONLY Studio Manager V2 Host, Editor, PM1D Manager and DME Designer Windows 11.

Updates will follow.

Alan Russell

After three 8 hour days-Cubase 12 Pro is working perfect-no more lock ups. v.70.
Yamaha USB Driver 2.1.5 was the soloution with Windows 11

thank you all for your replies and time

Alan Russell. ALMAR Music.

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