Windows 11 Upgrade: Should we release our keys first?

Windows 10, Dorico 4

I don’t plan to accept the nags to move to Windows 11 for a few months yet, but I do have one question as I ‘contemplate’ the move, start making plans, and making sure everything is in place.

My current plan is to do a full drive image backup first, then simply accept the offer and hope it upgrades smoothly from there.

Do we need to log in to MySteinberg and release keys and stuff first, then re-register Dorico after the upgrade?

I also still have and use some Steinberg dongleware (some hosted inside Dorcio too).

Would we be better off just uninstalling it all and putting it back after the upgrade, or does the in place Windows 11 upgrade process go pretty smoothly?

Creating an image backup is always a good idea. After that let the upgrade proceed, all installed applications should work as before.
My Steinberg products simply worked, without any issues. No need to deinstall or unregister.
However, there is always a risk that something goes wrong, so make sure your backup is complete and clean.


I personally would never let windows install a new operating system over an existing one. I always go for a fresh install or a dual boot install and get everything working one at a time while still being able to work on the win 10 partition. You would have to deactivate the software though.


Good point. I might end up simply picking up another stick of SSD storage and building a new system disk from scratch. (Still have an unused NVMe slot)

Still, I’m curious. It sure would be nice if all I had to do was ‘click ok’, and come back in few hours to decent upgrade where I don’t have redo EVERYTHING.

Fixing some drivers and stuff I’m prepared to handle (already get that sometimes just from taking security updates).

If you are going to do an update to Windows 11, please make sure to open Steinberg Activation Manager and deactivate your current license activation. Once the update is made you can once again activate the license through Steinberg Activation Manager.

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I agree and it worked fine on a backup pc I have installing over the top but I don’t have everything I have on my main pc. I just didn’t want to risk spending days sorting it out. Yes it took quite a while to sort out a new installation but I could keep using my win 10 boot while I slowly did it over time. It was a month before I removed my win 10 partition.

My ssd which I used was 500gig so I partitioned it and installed win 11 on the same physical drive as win 10. I would have preferred to use another drive but my m.1 slots were used up and I didn’t want to buy another drive.

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Can we ask a representative from Steinberg to comment on the advisability of going to Windows 11 at this time, or any possible benefits to Dorico users? I guess we are all ignoring the Nags…

The official compatibility page is here

Personally I use Windows 11 as my main desktop computer and I’ve had no problems with Dorico. I have had problems with device support though (both my printer and my audio interface).