Windows 7 and RME dig9652

I have been running XP on an Intel D975XBX2 “Bad Axe 2” and RME DIG 9652 very successfully for a long time. I decided to run windows 7-32 with the same card. N5.5 runs really bad, pops clicks. Talked to the RME tech and he said the latest drivers are fine on win7. Anyone tried my combination? I ended up making a second boot XP drive again as the Win7 just doesn’t want to cooperate. I am not in the market for more hardware.

I didn’t know, that it was possible to install drivers for the old hammerfall (the card you have?) on windows 7?! I know the newer HDSP 9652 should have win 7 drivers, but not the older hammerfall.

Running on win7 32bit won’t give you many OS benefits as the 64bit win7 will. Using more than 4GB ram should be the most important on 64bit.


Yea believe it or not I spoke directly with the tech at Synthax (US RME) and he said the XP 32 driver works fine in Win 7-32. In my case NOT! Could be that mother board. The good news is that I made a clean install on a system drive and all is well again with XP. But let me tell you loading XP and getting to the updates was a chore. MS is really trying to make it harder to us XP. I think I will make an image of what I have. I like the MOBO I have, it works great, never bogs down, but I think it hates Win7. Intel has no official drivers, what came with the OS install worked however.

I kept the Win7 install on my SSD in case some wizard on this forum has some ideas. I have tried many, was almost going to try registry edits to give priority to the RME IRQ. It was about then that I decided to cut out the anal crap.


Sounds good, if you can install 32bit drivers for the old hammerfall on windows 7 32bit. It just won’t give you anything else than what you already had on XP. But after the trouble you had, win7 should have drivers for your hardware :slight_smile:

Best thing right now is to go with win7 64bit, and still use 32bit wrapper stuff, until all software exist in 64bit versions.


Wait! So is it possible to get an old Digi 9652 working on Windows 7 64bit? If so, can someone give me directions as to how?