Windows-7 Compatibility.

Will Windows-7 be supported in the next version of Nuendo?

This is Windows not MAC. I don’t foresee any problems for you.

It better be - otherwise that will be it for me until I am forced to go to W10, which I really do not have the time to learn or the inclination to do it as yet. Just too busy.
W7 is not yet EOL/Deprecated by Microsoft, even though some plugin vendors no longer officially support Windows 7 (Softube) because they use the Gobbler subscription model, which does not work properly under W7.
But for now, we are good I believe, as N8 will be based on the C9 code and that works in W7

Timo has stated in another thread that Windows-7 64-bit is fully supported with Nuendo-8.

If you want you can install Win 10 and then install Classic Shell here
It will look and feel like Win 7. It works great,