Windows 7 initial setup - what is needed?

Out of curiosity…
System specs will be as follows (well, are actually)
i7 950 CPU, 12Gb DDR3 Triple Channel RAM & ASUS P6X58D-E Mobo.
Windows 7 Professional.

Is there anything I need to do before installing Nuendo 4 & 5 versions, please?
Under XP, for example, we used to have to change Processor Scheduling to “Background Services” instead of the default “Programs”, and I cannot find OS & installation guides for Windows 7 in the knowledgebase.

So far, all that is installed is the OS, Chipset stuff & Graphics drivers.
What do I do next before installing Nuendo, please?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, you shouldn’t need to install custom chipset/graphics drivers either.

Cool, but how so?

Also - sorry to be a pain - what about BIOS versions?
Is it a good plan to check for BIOS updates, and if so what is the best method to use?

Hey Neil

I’m running a very similar set up. I didn’t see if you were going 32 or 64 for you OS, either way win7 is a champ. It’s kind of weird to not have to worrry about it… but you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

So to answer your question…
install win7
install any other drivers for audio interfaces and remotes
install and update nuendo
install plugs

Thanks, Kid!

All just about done - got a UAD SNAFU with authorizations to sort, but that is simples to do.

Will post next week how it all went on test cycles

The ones Windows installs by default have been (in my experience) the best ones to go with for audio. For example, the NVIDIA driver package has negatively affected audio operation where as the default ones provided by the Windows install have been flawless.

However, I went with the ATI drivers in the end.
DAW is built, all stuff installed now - and I will be going back to run it all up & test it on site next week.
Early signs are all good though (basic stereo projects over headphones via the Focusrite Pro40 interface).
I cannot recommend the Coolermaster cases highly enough either - wonderful design & lots of room for expansion.


Which case did you go with? I am getting ready for upgrades this summer and am getting some prelim listings together…


I did nothing at all and most things seemed to work. Though I have not migrated
over properly yet.

Lovely case, great access. PSU sits on the bottom, and on the image in the link, the lower 2 front drive bays are swappable. There is room internally for another 5 drives too - 2.5 or 3.5".

Wow. Sweet…and my local supplier has it on sale. Looks like that one is coming home with me :slight_smile:



Always get a good PSU for the cmputer thats my favourite top tip right now. TAGAN and SEASONIC
are great albeit quite expensive.

I am awaiting my Wavelab 7 DVD and then once I am comfortable with I can switch at will to new machine. :smiley:
and get some i7 horsepower.

Note to self: Buy the most powerful CPU the motherboard can take before they become obsolete.

Better note to self: Always purchase the “second” most powerful CPU the motherboard can take. This is the absolute sweet spot for value and your money. The most powerful is always several magnitudes of cost higher for very little real world gain…

It is a good call.