Windows 7 installation: empty selection

I’m preparing for my cross-grade while waiting for the verification :wink:

I have downloaded Dorico 2 Pro from the Steinberg Download Assistant and can’t install it though. The selection of what is available for the installation is simply empty. It seems that I can install the separate MSIs though, but I’m sure it’s better to use the setup.exe. Do you have any idea what might be wrong here? I didn’t have any problems so far with other Steinberg products like Halion 6 (and previous versions) and Cubase 9.5 (and previous versions).

Sorry, can you attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

As you no doubt know, Dorico 2 isn’t officially supported on Windows 7, but as far as we know it should run without problems on Windows 7 computers, provided they’re fully up-to-date with all of Microsoft’s updates.

Hello Daniel,

here are the screenshots:

As you can see, clicking next yields no installation. I cannot select any elements for the installation. Windows 7 is all up-to-date.

This is very strange – I will ask our installer experts if they have any ideas. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Our installer experts suggest that you try installing the latest .NET Framework, version 4.5, and any applicable updates, and then try running the installer again.

I somehow needed to reboot my machine in order to install .net 4.61 (actually 4.5 was already installed and 4.61 was the last one I tried after 4.72 failed or so with an odd invalid certificate message, thats why I have used that odd version of .net framework). Anyhow, it works now. Thanks for the help!

Great! I’m glad you’re up and running now.