Windows 7, UAD-1 Wavelab 7 64, Cubase 7 64 and jBridge Issue

Could the title get any more convoluted? :smiley:

I was happily using WL4 and C6 for years with UAD-1s. I’d have both apps open and use UAD-1 plugs on both sides.

I upgraded to C7 and WL7 and Win 7 64 a couple of years ago. I still use the old UAD-1s and 5.8 software (last version before UAD-2?)

I don’t know if I simply never noticed this before, but I -swear- I had all the bugs worked out of this using jBridge 1.5 and ‘Run In Existing Auxhost’ but…

What I am now noticing now is that, I can use Cubase with UAD-1 plugs OR I can use WL7 and UAD-1 but not BOTH at the same time.

If I have both apps loaded, each with UAD-1 plugs, I will get the dreaded red ‘Disabled’ notice in the bottom of each plug window for the application that loaded -last- (either Cubase or WL7). ANNOYING! So the plugs work as always in whichever application loaded -first-.

The error message is ‘Error 30’, which I don’t see on the jBridge help page.

Anyone else have this issue? Suggested fix?



Hi, i use my old UAD-1 Cards in the same way like you in C7.06 64 Bit and WL 7 64 Bit. The only difference is, i don´t use the UAD Plugs via J-Bridge. Why you are use the J-Bridge for the UAD-1 Plugs ? The UAD-1 Cards running without any Problems in C7 64Bit and WL 7 64Bit with the internal Steinberg Bridge. In this special Point it is not a good Idea to use the Cards with J-Bridge. Just try it.


Do you use the 4k Buss Compressor? That seems to be a special problem for me.


Sorry, i don’t have this one for the UAD Cards. What i can say is that i have absolutly no Problems with all of my Plugs from UA. I think the Problems you have is a Problem by using the J-Bridge with UAD Cards. I use the J-Bridge with all of my old 32 Bit Plugs, except the UA Plugs. J-Bridge and UAD Card 1 is not a good Combination.


When I try to use UAD-1 v5.8 or v6.1 it won’t run in Wavelab at all. I thought WL7/64 didn’t like 32 bit plug-ins at all?



Ok, that´s really crazy. My Software Version of UAD-1 is 5.8, and i really really use it without any Probs in WL 7/64Bit. I can use all the UAD-Plugs in WL in the same Way i use them in C7.06. Wich Message appears on the Screen when you try to Load the Plugs in WL 7 64 Bit ?