Windows 8 and Cubase 5

I have been running Cubase 5-64bit with Windows Vista 64bit for a couple of years now. No problems whatsoever. I’m seriously contemplating an upgrade to Windows 8, instead of 7. I actually liked Windows 8 a lot when I first downloaded the beta before MS made it available for retail purchase. Only thing is, it kind of appears that some libraries that I’m considering investing into in the near future aren’t listed as Win Vista compatible. They start at Win 7 compatibility.

Problem is, I’m not so certain NOW if Cubase 5 is fully Windows 8 compliant. I’m pretty certain I remember Steinberg first stating that Cubase 5 would be fully Windows 8 compatible. NOW whenever I look at Windows 8 compatible Steinberg software, it starts with Cubase 6!

Is Cubase 5 fully Windows 8 compatible? I don’t want to HAVE TO spend MONEY on upgrading my DAW right now, JUST TO BE Win 8 compliant. If so, I might have to keep using Vista for a while.

Any accurate and definite answer would be much appreciative.


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Appears ok.

Hey Suprawill1, I did see that link on Microsoft’s site. However, I wasn’t certain how reliable the info on that link was, being that it had people voting whether or not they felt that Win OS version was stable, or not stable for them. I figured I would’ve seen something from Steinberg’s own site stating factual data, rather than Microsoft.

But if that is a credible and reliable answer, then I’ll go with it.


From what I could see, the voting showed that it works for 13 and not for 7. With those odds, I could make it work if I were making the change. You could make the same case with Vista & W7 as far as Cubase 5 being stable. Some users hate Vista because hardly anything was stable for them but for me, it has worked flawlessly. It all comes down to hardware and software compatibility. That’s why you see some crying ‘bug" with Cubase on their setup and others saying "what chu talkin’ 'bout Willis? I got the same setup and it works!" :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know what you mean. Vista has been working fine for me. Whenever there’s been a problem, it’s always been the app/vst instance that I’m running in Cubase 5 that’s the problem, not Vista.

However, there are a couple of libraries I am considering purchasing in the near future to supplement my sample library for some films I have been asked to score soon. They’ll give the added variety of sound that I would like to stand out, without breaking my bank account. But, they don’t seem to be Vista compatible. Some of the stuff I’ll use is Kontakt 5 Player compatible. But I also have been using the full NI Kontakt 4 for some years now.

Personally, I really like Win 8, and I think it’s pointless for me to go to 7 when 8 has been out long enough for s/w manufacturers to post compatible drivers and etc.

If for some reason Win 8 doesn’t work well for me, I guess I can always run the image backup I already have for my current DAW running Vista 64.

Either that or you can just set up a dual boot system. That way, if one doesn’t work, the other will. Didn’t know if you were upgrading Vista or purchasing a full version of W8. If you were just upgrading, it wouldn’t be as easy.