Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Cubase Won't Load

Yes, I know I’m pushing the envelope here, but I thought I’d see if Cubase 6 works with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

And, it doesn’t. It fails to load giving a “LoadLibrary failed with error 126: the specified module could not be found.”

I suspect this is a graphics hardware problem. My system has an ATi Radeon 5670 graphics card, running the AMD Catalyst drivers for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Is anyone else seeing the same? And, is there a fix?


The only fix I can think of is to use a supported or known to work OS.
Windows 8 Consumer preview is beta software, and nothing is guaranteed with it at all, even the successful booting of your computer. This is why MS tell you to back up your system to an image, as it cannot be uninstalled one done either…so I hope uyou ran the backup!

Reinstall W7.

Yes, yes, I know. I have a complete backup. As I said, I’m just pushing the envelope. I would simply hope that this bug will be resolved by the time W8 is released. Oh, and all my other W7 applications are running just fine in Windows 8. Cubase is the only one that has barfed.

What about this …

I suspect a different hardware setup. The error I’m getting relates to a problem with the graphics driver, I think.

My point is that this could - and most likely is - a bug in Windows 8.

As I suspected, the problem was caused by the pre-release AMD Graphics driver. I reinstalled it, and this time everything is working.

Well done gcoupe, the world needs intrepid pioneers like you. :sunglasses:

gcoupe: Let us know what you think…