windows 8 is faster compared to windows 7?

I’m thinking of upgrading my windows 7 64 bit with the new OS windows 8 64 bit … in terms of performance it is best to cubase 7?

I have read a lot of reviews of Win 8 users and most of them said '‘only a little faster’. The only thing i like about Win 8 pro is your not limited to 16 GB of Ram which Win 7 does limit. I have 24 GB of Ram but with Win 7 i can only use 16 GB. So based on that i would go Win 8

Windows 7 Pro has a limit of 192GB (more than any motherboard can handle), whereas Windows 8 Pro will handle 512Gb (unobtainable with current motherboards).

So Windows 8 does not have any relevant additional max memory capacity than Windows 7 (Pro).

Windows 7 Home Basic has an 8GB limit and Windows 7 Home Premium limited to 16GB, but Windows 7 Pro is only limited by present day motherboards.

I had battled with Vista for many months and finally gave it the goose when I purchased a new system.

I could have installed Windows 7 on that previous system I’m sure but I speced my current machine to run windows 8 (if and when I need it) but I instead run windows 7 because of the slightly reduced resources footprint.

I had it all running o Windows 8 (C7 & C6.5) and there was a problem regarding the liquid mix and my focusrite safire pro 26 soundcard regarding the legacy firewaire driver on 64 bit platform.

It felt faster then the previous OS but tis is always the case with clean installations, the more you install the slower it gets. I went back to windows 7 64 bit because of the legacy firewire issue, overall it performed well and I did like the looks of the GUI, however no start menu and a metro interface which is useless for desktop operations.

the day 31 01 2013 microsoft offer expires (29,90 upgrade windows 7)
it is better to switch to Windows 8 for the possible future improvements … also I do not like windows 8 interface for desktop use …but we have to follow the evolution of Microsoft

Why not when the price is so reasonable?

In any case you can still run Windows 7 can you not?

hi guys,
i just upgraded to Window 8, the upgraded offer is unresistable, there’s nothing to loose with the price…

Today is day 5 of testing it with Cubase 64bit… i had only 8g in my Asus laptop…
so far so good … im happy with 8 as all my hardware works well…

Now, im upgrading my desktop to window 8 too…:slight_smile:

I have considered this too, but am currently holding back. Windows 8 has a minimum resolution which my old LCD 4/3 aspects dont support.

Also I understand that Win8 is more secure - at least presently - apparently some substantial improvements under the hood. I think if I recall bios protection was among them

Also there is a compatibility app on the windows 8 download site. Its important to run that first - it highlighted five issues for me.

You all may want to hold your horses until perhaps Windows 8 SP1? Windows 7 is still the best choice as of this posting:

I’m just glad to be over the nightmare that was Windows Vista.